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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Pathoschild, Jul 2, 2019.

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  1. Blade1243

    Blade1243 Void-Bound Voyager

    hi folks ,

    could some one update it for me that would be realy nice i am using it :D here is the problem when i go from spring to summer smapi say´s it can´t load summer tile sheet for farm expansion is there a way to fix it ?
    • seasavoy

      seasavoy Void-Bound Voyager

      Here's bugfix release for Farm expansion for Stardew Valley 1.4.2 and SMAPI 3.0.0 Not compatible with Stardew Valley 1.3.36. (pull request is still pending)

      Changes since the last unofficial release:
      • buying animals into buildings on expansion works
      • restored gamepad navigation for switching between main farm and expansion in Robin's dialog (LS/RS)
      I was just wondering if there is an update to the farm expansion 3.3.1
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      • Daxh64

        Daxh64 Intergalactic Tourist

        THANKS MATE It worked <3 I'm now going to play with my gf during the quarantine :)

        Good luck to y'all and stay safe.
        • BellaBlaze34

          BellaBlaze34 Space Hobo

          Does anyone know of a new update of this is? the old one is out of date.

          Edit: i have found the animal skinner mod that i will use to replace it.
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          • Earthsdefect

            Earthsdefect Void-Bound Voyager

            Bug after every event, players are been kicked.
            • dizzraymble

              dizzraymble Space Spelunker

              I did as you said, but the mod still doesn’t work. Yes, I have to wait for the masters. Thank you my brudda.
              • lopz0r

                lopz0r Seal Broken

                In the content.json file, delete the last entry completely (what's in the attachment of this post). Make sure you delete it from the { and to the },
                Then save the file and see if that works.

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                • BurningSensationalist

                  BurningSensationalist Master Chief

                  I was just wondering if there is an update to the farm expansion 3.3.1[/QUOTE]

                  I'd really like to see it too. Anyone know if it'll support 4 corners?
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                  • spidersilks

                    spidersilks Void-Bound Voyager

                    Please, can someone update Useful Bombs? I miss this mod so much! :(
                    • jnsaucier

                      jnsaucier Void-Bound Voyager

                      As of SMAPI 3.4 (which admittedly JUST released), this update no longer works. The first time I shift-right clicked, it auto-bought 5 seeds, but also popped up the window to type in how many I wanted. Now any time I shift-right click, the window pops up for a fraction of a second and goes away, or just doesn't show up at all. Can't get 5 of anything while shift-right clicking anymore since that first time either.

                      Edit: Now the window is consistently popping up, but it will still auto buy 5 seeds as well. When moving things in inventory, it seems to default grab half a stack, plus whatever you type in. So If I have 80 seed packets in my inventory but want to split away 5, it will actually give me 45 (if that makes sense).

                      Edit 2: as of SMAPI 3.4.1, this mod is working again!
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                      • dizzraymble

                        dizzraymble Space Spelunker

                        Yes, errors were no longer observed, but the trees did not sway in the wind. It looks like this mod is finally dead.
                        • Blade1243

                          Blade1243 Void-Bound Voyager

                          hi folks ;

                          just a little update from me ... i am so dumb xD

                          i lookes into it why it doesnt worked for me in hour´s .... geeezz but no i did find out why the farm expension mod does not work with npc map location mod i dont know realy why but mayby it is because npc mod location changes the color of the map or something in that line and thats maybe the thing that collides with farm expension....

                          i just wanted to let you guy know :D

                          have a good day friends and a good harvest ! :3

                          ps: sorry for my bad english *hide behind the hands in shame* xD
                          • Starrye

                            Starrye Orbital Explorer

                          • almedyl

                            almedyl Pangalactic Porcupine

                            For information, Beach Fix isn't working with smapi 3.4.0. I notified the author.
                            • voshtak

                              voshtak Yeah, You!

                              foggywizard's Looking for Love update? Parts of it still seem to be running, but it 'is' out of date:,) No custom sprites or mods run with it, among other things.
                              • nikkcolas

                                nikkcolas Intergalactic Tourist

                                I'd really like to see it too. Anyone know if it'll support 4 corners?[/QUOTE]

                                Just tested this for you on sampi 3.4.1, it works. Just set "use backwoodsentrance" to true in the mods config file. Not sure if everyone needs it or just the host but I gave it to everyone on my server
                                • BurningSensationalist

                                  BurningSensationalist Master Chief

                                  I tried it again, but it wont load the map, backwoods entrance or no. Any ideas?

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                                  • hheri703z2@1xx

                                    hheri703z2@1xx Big Damn Hero

                                    Any chance Level Extender gonna get update? Unofficial version on this forum isn't working with Stardew Valley 1.4.5 & Latest SMAPI
                                    • Chleiya

                                      Chleiya Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                    • tinkerbelljln

                                      tinkerbelljln Big Damn Hero

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