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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Pathoschild, Jul 2, 2019.

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    I may know the problem, gonna see if I can word it right... inside the skullcavern folder for instance, is there another folder, or is there 3 files? You should have manifest.json, skullcavernelevator.dll, skullcavernelevator.pdb
    If you see another folder, go into it and see if the three files are there.
    The folders should be ....../Stardew Valley/Mods/SkullCavernElevator/*files*
    you might have ....../Stardew Valley/Mods/SkullCavernElevator/SkullCavernElevator/*files*
    • BabyDollEyes

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      I can't seam to get these to work and i'm having a hard time figuring out if i'm supposed to do something in config but what should be coming out as fairy rose mead is just mead and none of the mead bottles show up in my item spawner.
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        Still The same. I'm not sure why it won't work, but I can live without it, I'm sure. Thanks for trying, though. I appreciate it. :)
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          I got them from

          I looked into each of the files and I believe all the mods are in the correct order and do not have a double folder. Now I'm super stomped! I was so excited thinking that is where I might have messed up. Darn it. Thanks for the suggestion though! folderlayout.jpg
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            Ok did you manually download or use Vortex? Also make sure that there are no duplicate Mods folder. It seems that SMAPI is looking into the wrong folder.
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              He did say that everything BESIDES the naming of the flowered meads was working ;)
              They don't show in the item spawner because they aren't named differently i think, BUT if you put say a poppy honey and a summer spangle honey, there will be two separate 'mead' produced, with their own money values.
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                @Tinymouse19 It would really help if we had a parsed logfile. That link there tells you how to find and upload your logfile. It'll tell us where SMAPI is looking for mods, for example.
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                  Never heard of that before, but that sounds really good. Thank you very much, I will use this one :)
                  • strobelight

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                    Pelican Postal Service updated for 1.4 / SMAPI 3.1

                    Artifact System Fixed updated for 1.4 / SMAPI 3.1

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                      Hey! Just wanted to say that the mod doesn't seem to work for me? I install it normally, but when I get to Robin's shop, I can't find any of the furniture. Is it esomewhere else? I can't find it on the catalogue either.
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                        You are our savior, thx homie
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                          Thank you for this, but now I no longer can increase my luck skill (which is what I used this mod for).
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                            Thanks everyone for your help! we were able to figure out what was wrong here is what happened and how to fix it if anyone else runs into this problem!

                            Because SMAPI was only ever showing that 2 mods (the two that come with SMAPI) were installed, I decided to try removing its access to those mods. After removing them and running the game again I found it still registered them as installed. This clearly meant that the files were being registered in another location. After running a system-wide search for the files I discovered about 200 duplicates in the location "C://VTROOT/~" Turns out this directory belongs to the Comodo Firewall virtual machine. Seems that Comodo doesn't trust SMAPI and was virtually installing it along with several other programs we'd recently added. Seems it had been doing this from the beginning which was why we had to manually install SMAPI the first time.

                            So to help anyone else in the future here's the fix:

                            1. If using Comodo check for a folder called VTROOT, it will likely contain a set of folders that lead to a Stardew Valley directory.
                            2. In Comodo, disable auto-sandbox on Comodo's home screen
                            3. Click tasks and under the Sandbox tab, you'll find a button to reset the sandbox/virtual machine. This will delete the VTROOT folder and its contents.
                            4. Lastly, re-install SMAPI and anything else that was collected in the virtual machine.
                            5. CELEBRATE!
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                              wow! that's a new one!
                              Hate security systems that just take over, I want it to ASK.
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                                Vertical Toolbar updated for SMAPI 3

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                                  Paritee's Treat Your Animals updated for SMAPI 3

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                                    Okay, I've attempted Fall 1 for the sixth time now to no avail. My game is still unable to save. At this point, I would pay someone take a look at this log, since I've already abandoned a past save file due to this issue, and if I can't understand which mod(s) is/are causing it, then the only way I can realistically play this game and expect to progress past Fall Year 1 is modless. There are three blocks of red text at the bottom of the log, but I don't understand what they're telling me: One is a failure of Pytk to do something, but if that's the issue then I'm sunk because I'm literally using the most recent unofficial update of Pytk and it's necessary to run SVE. The other two, I don't even know where to start.


                                    Is anyone able to help me, or at least point me to a place where there might be someone who can?

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