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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Pathoschild, Jul 2, 2019.

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  1. Harunax3

    Harunax3 Void-Bound Voyager

    It works quite fine till summer but if the season changes to Fall on the third or fourth day it either changes back to the standard Greenhouse or the floortiles are messed up and the background for the season will remain summer.
    • Allayna

      Allayna Pangalactic Porcupine

      if the season changes to Fall on the third or fourth day? Like mid season it shows another season just in the greenhouse?
      • mistahiceU

        mistahiceU Space Hobo

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      • Eros DkAl

        Eros DkAl Big Damn Hero

        It's buggy? I downoaded the mod just today to try it. :rofl:
        • Th3Tob1

          Th3Tob1 Void-Bound Voyager

          The "Enchanting Table" seems buggy for me, I instantly get the "enchanted items" instead of processing anything..
          • Jenrikku

            Jenrikku Space Spelunker

            Well, I posted another post asking for help to turn this mod into a SMAPI 3.0.0 mod...

            I decided to compile it at my own: Server Bookmarker (and an optional spanish translation)

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            • Thaliathemuse

              Thaliathemuse Scruffy Nerf-Herder

            • hadiwrites42

              hadiwrites42 Aquatic Astronaut

              I'll take a look at the json and see if anything looks off, I was careful to use the same-ish processing times as the original mod, but I have no idea if there's some kind of internal limit or something.

              Edit: It LOOKS okay, but here are some troubleshooting questions so I can pinpoint the problem.

              Are you getting the same issue with all the machines, or only the enchanting table?

              Have you tried making various enchanted items, and if so, do they all have the same problem?

              Does making the objects use up all the materials it's supposed to? (You can check on the recipe jpgs included).

              Are there any other details you find strange or important?
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              • vickimed

                vickimed Void-Bound Voyager

                I use Cherry's farmhouse, and have to choose between being able to get to the front door/exit the building, or custom furniture. I really wish CF would be universally fixed.
                • Pathoschild

                  Pathoschild Tiy's Beard

                  Thanks! Here's the same update, but with the version fixed to avoid update alert issues.

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                  • SorryLate

                    SorryLate Poptop Tamer

                    I've been upload latest version of MPSpeech Bubbles and Expanded Fridge, you can check in older pages or

                    Multiplayer Speech Bubbles
                    1.0.2 : Fixed an issue causing messages to not display once the chatBox had received 69 messages. Yes, really 69.

                    Expanded Fridge
                    2.0.3 : Changed from day to save events in fridge manipulation. Hopefully solves problems with Save Anywhere.

                    if i'm not bother you

                    how to fix unofficial update alert issue?
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                    • mistahiceU

                      mistahiceU Space Hobo

                      I get glitches when I enter my house. Idk if other people are experiencing this too but I've seen some posts that some farmhouses included in the mod are not working.
                      • biiitterly

                        biiitterly Void-Bound Voyager

                        I think it's not working anymore- it's saying that Custom Furnitures crashed on entry, but I hope it's just me downloading a mod wrong or something like that ;-;
                        • alepiusaja

                          alepiusaja Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                          Thanks!Is it compatible with CFautomate?
                          • Asra Fantasy

                            Asra Fantasy Void-Bound Voyager

                            Anyone know why i only get the sprinklers and Bars for Prismatic tools? I got every mod it needs. I can even smelt the shards without using up coal, which obviously shouldn't be possible.
                            • sashuka

                              sashuka Void-Bound Voyager

                              SMAPI sais that AnimalPatting is broken
                              • Th3Tob1

                                Th3Tob1 Void-Bound Voyager

                                Everything works perfect, but not the enchanting table (with every item). I tried it with every other item (to find out what's the most valuable item).

                                The "enchanting process" uses up all the items it needs, but I instantly get the enchanted one. And the enchanting table changes the sprite to a "working enchanting table" but it freezes there..
                                • Benigni

                                  Benigni Aquatic Astronaut

                                  Any chance of Bwdyworks and Polygamy getting updates?
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                                  • hadiwrites42

                                    hadiwrites42 Aquatic Astronaut

                                    I think I know why the sprite issue is happening, but I have no idea if that will fix the other problems. I'll get back to you after I do some testing.

                                    EDIT: Yeah so that was definitely NOT the problem; all my testing with different configurations and items duplicated the same errors no matter what I did. Even reducing the time and producer sounds (which was also bugged and which I fixed for testing to no avail) did nothing. I compared all the conditions with the other machines that worked fine, and they're basically identical. I really have no idea what is causing this; I'll keep testing and see if I figure something out, but for the time being I'm afraid we're stuck with getting instant items.

                                    On the bright side, PPJA is working on their own version of this mod, so hopefully that one works as intended.
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                                    • Pathoschild

                                      Pathoschild Tiy's Beard

                                      Thanks! Here's the same update with a corrected version for update alerts.

                                      Thanks! Here's the same update with a corrected version for update alerts.

                                      Thanks! Here's the same update with a corrected version for update alerts.

                                      Thanks! Here's the same update with a corrected version for update alerts.

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                                      • MartinMiggs

                                        MartinMiggs Void-Bound Voyager

                                        Thanks, Hadiwrites42, for sharing your personally converted Jewelcraft! That was really kind of you!

                                        @minervamaga, that's great to hear! If there any way of following the development of PPJA? Also, do you know of any general ETA for their version of Jewelcraft? I just want to know if its release will be soon enough that I should wait instead of using Hadiwrites42's version.

                                        One more huge thanks to SorryLate for the update on Expanded Fridge! I definitely had my eye out for that one. Mini fridges just can't hold a candle to the convenience of Expanded Fridge.
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