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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Pathoschild, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. marikotiko

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    Is there any way to update the AutoGrabberMod (author: Jotser) so that it's compatible with 1.4? I prefer that mod over DeluxeAutoGrabber since it's more flexible. I know the mod itself has been removed from Nexus, but I still have the mod files on my PC (can't upload them here though)

    If someone is able to help me (and if it's "ok to update a deleted mod" for personal use) I would be very grateful <3
    • MouseyPounds

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      Unfortunately, jotser's mod was not open source and so it can only be updated by the author; since they pulled it from Nexus, that is probably not going to happen. If you wanted to try to do it yourself for personal use, you'd have to decompile the current mod using something like ILSpy or dotPeek, then try to fix whatever needs updating in Visual Studio.
      • marikotiko

        marikotiko Void-Bound Voyager

        that's too bad :(

        Thank you for answering tho! <3
        • Bonster42

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          Is there another mod that offers petting the animals as an option? I really liked that about AutoGrabber
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          • Bonster42

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            Perfect! Thanks!
            • kani15

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              kann jemand den mod DeluxeAutoGrabber updaten das es korrekt läuft. Ich würde es selbst machen, aber ich weiß nichts über Mod-Konstruktion

              can someone update the mod DeluxeAutoGrabber that it runs correctly. I would do it myself, but I don't know anything about mod construction
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                • thiofanni

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                  Hi, I'm pretty new with stardew valley forum but may I ask how to fix the problem save, since my steam update to 1.4 when I move the save to my android it was can't read, like there is no save data on it, I was do this copy before but it just work fine until the update, sorry if I post it in the wrong topic.
                  • Wingyl

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                    1.4 saves do not work in 1.3.36 and I don't think Android is updated all the way yet?
                    • LadySilver814

                      LadySilver814 Intergalactic Tourist

                      Huancz this unofficial update doesn't seem to be working on mac. I'm getting so many errors that the site can't handle the 100+ MB error log. I have a trimmed log if that'll help you identify the issue:
                      • startdu

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                      • asqwedcxz741

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                        Hello, thank you for your hard work! I still have problems using "Deluxe Auto Grabber". When there are too many crops (for example, more than 1000 plots), "Deluxe Auto Grabber" can't harvest all the crops. I want to know whether it's a "bug" or its own characteristics? This passage is machine translated. I hope you can understand it. Thank you!

                        2019/12/29 19:25
                        I know how to do it, modify the parameters, thank you!
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                        • kani15

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                          o sry for which i think google chrome has translated automatically
                          o sry for which i think google chrome has translated automatically

                          I know that there is a small update but it doesn't work properly, so the question was whether someone could update it
                          • minervamaga

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                            If you are having issues with the update, a SMAPI log and a description of the problem is needed.
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                              QwQ Y-you legit have no idea how close I am to tears....While I have already downloaded the Family Planning Mod, I've been holding out for a long time on actually giving him the ghost shell because I've been holding out; I REALLY want a wedding to experience the game more fully, but I feel bad if I just marry one of the guys just to get pregnant with my own kids and then divorce him, destroy all the hearts and all that effort of the relationship building will be wasted...(I have no idea how long it will take to get the Witch side quest either...)

                              Update: I sent you a friend request on Discord! Username is Athanasia#6470
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                                I keep getting Deluxe Auto grabber errors.

                                Any ideas?

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