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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Pathoschild, Jul 2, 2019.

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    That log link doesn't work, but if it's the same error I was having (spring_z_objects.png not found) it was a problem with an older version of NPC John mod. If you have him installed make sure you have the most recent version.
    • voshtak

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      hmm, are you using the official or unofficial version of TMX?
      if it's the official version (off nexus), then that one's outdated. minervamaga's unofficial update should work, it's been up as of 6th.
      Also, if there's ever another mod you're looking on updates for, you can either leaf through this thread/forum through search, or use which is updated every few days.
      If it's the unofficial version, I would maybe @ minerva directly?
      • voshtak

        voshtak Yeah, You!

        and, as i believe others have pleaded for already before me......please....bring back elven krobus! :catcry:
        and thank you sincerely for all of your hard work these past few weeks. the sdv experience really is so much more elevated thanks to everyone here's hard work and contributions! <3
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          I've tried to use this, but when I start the game, the console says I miss another mod to use this. What else I need? I've installed the original bathroom upgrade mod ( but no change :(
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            Ah, you're using the original interior mod. I converted this to custom furniture because the original is buggy with 1.4 (and older versions it looks like, according to the nexus page). If your custom furniture won't load the first time, try going back to the title screen and reloading your save.
            • minervamaga

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              You need Content Patcher. The old version is an XNB mod, which is no longer recommended for various reasons. If you are still having trouble, a SMAPI log will help us troubleshoot :D

              I'm taking a look into this one for someone else, but it looks like it needs rewritten completely, as the Harmony patching broke with 1.4. I have a plan on how to do it, but it may be a few days before I have the time.
              • Nonworld

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                I found a visual bug when interacting with workbenches
                I couldn't use the workbench to craft anything, and it won't open afterward unless I mine and place it again.
                I have already checked with my mods collection and the bug came from this one.
                The mod still working properly though.

                Anyway, thanks for keep updating these mods!:nuruflirt:
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                  Ah bugger, sorry about the broken link, but yes, that was the error I was getting. I updated the NPC John mod with the last update, so not sure what's going on. I'll reinstall him and see if that fixes it! Thanks!

                  Edit- completely reinstalling fixed it, thanks for the help!
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                    So I know for Convenient Chests that craft from chest isn't working, but for me hitting the stash button (I keep it the default Q) isn't working either, even when I'm standing right in front of the chest. I know in the config there's a stash radius setting but I've made it quite a ridiculous number and it still doesn't work. I've included my log thingy in case it's maybe conflicting with another mod or maybe I'm just missing a mod altogether. I know that with the new update a lot of functions of a lot of mods are totally borked, it might just be that, but if anyone could give me a clue that would be deeply appreciated.
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                      Suddenly, this error appears in the smapi window. Can you correct it? → [Tool-Upgrade Delivery Service] - "This mod failed in the Game Loop Day Started event Technical details"
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                        I have request, Can these outfits (especially skirts and pants) be turned into a json asset so we can use them as separated files from original files??
                        (Ran's Wedding and Flower Dance Attire)

                        Because they seem not working when using them with Kisekae!
                        And thank you all , for working hard, I want to learn how to mod clothes and other stuff too,
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                          I see everyone doing an awesome job updating mods and making everything work for 1.4, I'm sorry to ask for this again...

                          Is this author still around by any chance?

                          If not, I know nobody else has asked for this in here (a few of us have on Nexus), but if anyone can go for the shed upgrade in an update of this (official or unofficial:nuruwink:), I'd be so grateful!

                          • huancz

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                            Deluxe grabber doesn't harvest tea leaves when the tea is planted in a garden pot placed in greenhouse (my bet would be on the pot causing this rather then greenhouse. Even Lookup Anything shows the pot as empty, but I can harvest them by hand).
                            • Mizzion

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                              i'll take a look at it, but with Christmas right around the corner, I can't say when it will be for sure.
                              • Xvero

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                                So I was reading through the code for Adjustable Stamina Healing, and I was curious if the following would be possible based on my observations:

                                Intent: to have stamina drain to heal health.
                                Requirements: Boolean for the config file to activate feature (config.burn), float for the "efficiency" value for a percent (config.drain)

                                My thought is to insert another if block in public void OnOneSecondUpdateTicked to make the result closer to:

                                if (config.burn && < player.maxHealth && TicksAccumulator >= config.SecondsNeededToStartHealing)
                                HPAccumlator += config.HealingValuePerSeconds;
                                if (HPAccumlator == Math.Floor(HPAccumlator))
                       += (int)Math.Min(HPAccumlator, player.maxHealth -;
                                HPAccumlator = 0;
                                player.Stamina -= (float)Math.Min(healing*config.drain, player.MaxStamina - player.Stamina);
                                Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

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