Modding Help Updating mods for Stardew Valley 1.4

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Pathoschild, Jul 2, 2019.

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    Would be great if someone can help me here, I cannot even play..
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      Hi, folks, I wanted to thank you so much for y'all's continued work- my game experience has been SO enjoyable thanks to your dedication!

      However, I'm having an issue with TMXLoader, and I'm not sure what's going on, and it hasn't been updated. Here is my log, if anyone has the time to take a look! (The listed mods to update HAVE been updated, I'm not sure why it keeps telling me to do so)

      Thanks in advance!
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        Could you upload your save. I just tested it and I went through 2 year changes and the chest never changed at all. The error in the log is related to Quality Products, the config.json file is messed up and can't be parsed properly.

        I also tested the chests not appearing in the Crafting menu, I had no issue at all with them on three different saves.
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          The error is because cooking would not work correctly with the original config, I had to edit that..

          I played on multiplayer and maybe that is the problem why me and my friend both do not have the magic chest there... I will put a link to the save here, after he can send it to me in about an hour.
          Thank you for your help!

          EDIT: The save can be found here:

          Used mods can be found in the error log..
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            The Luck skill is giving me some serious trouble. If you manually prestige it (edit save, set skill exp to 0 and skill level to 0, then add 1 prestige point in the prestige save file), it will give you every recorded luck skill message every night. I am up to 30+ luck skill levelups in the same night (1-10, then 1-10, then 1-10 again)
            I can only imagine how ridiculous this will get eventually.
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            • huancz

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              The reason might be similar to why main prestige mod itself was broken. In 1.4 game records pending level-ups in Game1.newLevels. Level-up dialog is supposed to remove them at night. I was hoping that fixing main prestige mod to do this would be enough, but if the luck skill adapter uses it's own level-up dialog replacement, it needs to take care of this too.

              You should be able to clear the newLevels array by editing your save. Or at least verify that there are some values and confirm that this is indeed the cause.
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                Guys, please... can you all help making this mod compatible again ? >>

                i know theres one mod that almost looks same, but this one i asking to make compatible is much more immersive and feeel more complete, please, if you have free time, would you help ? thanks so much for your help !
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                  The bug that the magic chest transforms to a normal chest is also happening without the year changing.. occured a few minutes ago again..
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                    Speaking of the prestige mod, something causes you to lose your prestige points if you don't spend them right away. Not sure if it was from sleeping, choosing a profession the regular way, or what.
                    • TenkoKuugen

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                      Oh dang, I see it. Need to make sure I am not accidentally removing legit arrays. So the problem is with the luck prestige adapter? I've also had the issue that 1) I cannot prestige Luck at level 10 after sleeping (likely related to the arrays) and 2) it does not actually let me pick professions on reaching levels (I assume also related to the adapter)

                      I have 9 prestige points in fishing and it's not going away. That would be weird anyway since the prestige points and picked professions are saved to a data.json.
                      Go to your mod folder, find the prestige mod and check your data.json and see what's happening there
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                      • minervamaga

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                        Yes, I'm aware of the weird config for this one. It's on my list to figure out how to fix that, I just haven't had time :/
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                          Same thing just hit me and my wife in our multiplayer game. Saved and reloaded in the middle of a game and we lost all of our large chests. Or maybe it was flipping over a year, not sure when it hit. All the items are still in there, if we take an item out the 37+ item shows up, and we can keep taking them out. We can create new large chests, but those original 3 large chests we made all converted to normal chests.
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                            I haven't totally fixed the problem, but I did put a band aid on it for now. I tested with the save file provided and it seemed to fix the issue.

                            I don't have a save with the Large Chest bugging out, but the band aid I did for the Magic Chest issue should fix that one too. If you want to test this build out and let me know.

                            1. SMAPI will tell you about an update to the mod, that's because the author updated the code with my edit, but I haven't had the time to check the new version, so I'm still editing my unofficial updates.

                            2. This doesn't fix the issue with the FillStack button. I'm looking into that now.

                            Any issues feel free to let me know, I try to keep an eye on this thread.[/B]

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                            • Th3Tob1

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                              Thanks a lot, I will try it now and report, when I get bugs. :)
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                                First of all, I'd like to say THANK YOU to all the creators and those providing unofficial updates!
                                I have a slight 'problem' but I'm not entirely sure if it has to do with Convenient Chests or Chests Anywhere.

                                Before 1.4, I had both these mods installed and had a number of chests on the farm, within the farm house, within sheds, etc. Each had item categories set up via Convenient Chests.
                                Bringing up the UI for Chests Anywhere (hotkey: B ) from ANYWHERE in the game would allow me to press Convenient Chest's 'stash' key (hotkey: Q) and it would stash items as defined by the categories whether there was an existing stack in the chest or not. For example, if I was in the Mines and pressed B, I could then quickly stash everything in my inventory to Farm/Farmhouse/Shed chests by pressing the arrow keys and Q in quick succession... B, Q, <, Q, <, Q, ^, Q, etc.
                                I had the Stash Radius config in Convenient Chests set to '0' so I could only stash items this way if I was 'within' the chest by having Convenient Chest's UI open, and items would not stash anywhere if I accidentally pressed Q while walking around somewhere.

                                Since 1.4, I've replaced the mods with their respective updates but can now only stash items if there is already an existing stack within the chest, and I cannot stash anything by using the Q hotkey if I'm on a map outside where the chest is located.
                                I've changed all the config options in both mods to match what I had before, but can't seem to get stashing to behave in the same way. I even looked at what source code and pull requests I could locate on github but don't see any obvious changes that would alter this.

                                I do know stashing behaviour has changed within the game itself, since ConcernedApe nicely added the new UI Stash Button, so I'm not sure if this 'issue' is due to those changes?
                                Any insight as to why this might be happening or if there's a possible fix either with the mod(s) or on my end would be so appreciated!

                                Thanks again for everything you guys do to enhance our experience with this wonderful game! :)
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                                  Hey i am looking for an unofficial update for the smelly hippie mod or am i out of luck?
                                  Anyway thanks in advance!

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