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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Pathoschild, Jul 2, 2019.

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    I'm having the same trouble with Seawolf's Prismatic Tools unofficial update as others reported--the tools just aren't showing up, even in the item spawner. I completely uninstalled the old version and manually deleted everything left over from it in my mods folder before installing the update, and still nothing. :(
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      Are you married to her or any of the other custom NPCs? The broken aspect involve the spouse room. I am sure the character is fine as Custom NPC Fixes was updated.
      • Rhapsodes

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        Don't know about Luck and Magic, but Cooking Skill is for sure broken. I cleared my entire mod list except for Spacecore, Cooking Skill , CJB Item Spawner, and a house mod that let me have the kitchen for the basic house for testing purposes on a new save. These are some of the things I've encountered while using the file from this site and spacechase0's own site just now in case his site hosted an unbroken version:

        1) Cooking uses double the ingredients listed in the recipe.

        2) There's no chance of attaining silver and gold dishes regardless of high cooking levels. Tested over 20 different dishes.

        3) You can't pick a profession at level 10 and the player menu where your skills are listed reflects this with an empty box where a rectangle with your profession should be. It just tells you that your dishes have 3% more edibility.
        • J Good

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          1. Only happens when you have cooking ingredients on you. If they are in the fridge it doesn't use double ingredients

          2. I've gotten plenty of silver and gold dishes

          3. Haven't reached level 10 on my new save so I don't know about that issue.

          (using cooking mod from spacechase's site)
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          • Quackmori

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            Yes thats what I meant, change the big shed into the alt one from the wicthes hut styled one
            • Rhapsodes

              Rhapsodes Title Not Found

              1) That is true, but is that intentional? If not, then it is a bug. Spacechase0 even came out with a hotfix for it in the 1.1.2 version of his mod.

              2) I stand corrected. I just did a test with a regular quality fish and a gold quality fish and got two different sashimi that reflected the quality of the ingredient.

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              • Neckwhiskers

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                Idk about you all but the most important aspect of the mod (being the skills) not working kinda makes all the other stuff pointless. The mod needs some serious bug fixing.
                • jkinnaly

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                  Well, I don't know what happened, but suddenly I'm able to upgrade my tools to prismatic. I'm perplexed, but delighted. I apparently have to actually go to the blacksmith to do it--the option doesn't appear in the Pelican Fiber mod, and I'm not sure, because I forgot to check, if they're in the item spawner. I'll look at that next time I load the game.

                  *Edited to add: Prismatic tools are *not* available in the item spawner. Looks like the only way to get them is to actually go to the blacksmith.
                  • felipe32145

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                    The issue on luck skill is that everytime you go to sleep it appears level up notification, and it goes on and on until it gets to your current lvl, its not a major bug but its quite annoying
                    • Twistfaria

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                      I updated all the mods that could be updated and it still happened. After going through and getting rid of items I thought it might be and it still not working I looked at the log much closer and finally saw an error on the Prismatic Tools mod. I hadn't used anything from that mod but I went ahead and removed the mod and it stopped doing the CTD. No clue why Prismatic Tools would cause a CTD in the first place though!!
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                      • prants

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                        Replace the content file with the one in this zip and lemme know if it works (if you want to switch the shed type used for the small and big ones, just switch the file names of all the shed pngs)

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                        • almedyl

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                          Using PyTK 1.12.14-unofficial.1-minervamaga, I got this error when loading a save:
                          [PyTK] This mod failed in the GameLoop.DayStarted event. Technical details:
                          System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
                          at PyTK.PyTKMod.<>c.<Entry>b__22_0(Object s, DayStartedEventArgs e) in C:\Users\Courtney\Documents\Stardew\Modding\Stardew-Valley-Mods-master-Routine\Stardew-Valley-Mods-master\PyTK\PyTKMod.cs:line 82
                          at StardewModdingAPI.Framework.Events.ManagedEvent`1.Raise(TEventArgs args) in C:\source\_Stardew\SMAPI\src\SMAPI\Framework\Events\ManagedEvent.cs:line 88
                          • bergemonkey

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                            is pelicanfiber working or possible to fix ?
                            • Allayna

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                              There's an unofficial version here
                              • roflblah

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                              • minervamaga

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                                Just updated the wiki, thanks for the reminder.

                                Item Spawner and Pelican Fiber both have to be specifically made compatible in Prismatic Tools, due to the way the mod adds the new items.

                                Please read the note on the post with the unofficial update.

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