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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Pathoschild, Jul 2, 2019.

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  1. westmallechimay

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    Thanks for all the great work, my first post on this forum is dedicated to you.
    • Benigni

      Benigni Aquatic Astronaut

      The Grinder machine which comes with Json Assets will not Automate when in a Brewery.
      Since this is an interaction among at least 3 mods, I know not where to report it. lol
      • Isalami

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      • Benigni

        Benigni Aquatic Astronaut

        A little update/correction of this problem: I think it was not the fault of Automate, Json Assets, nor Brewery; I think the problem was the CHEST I used. I am finding chests with long weird names to do with PyTK or something. They do not stack with the other chests in inventory. I have learned now to trash them, and am having better luck with my machines.

        My main issue now is save loading time. The game loads right up, but when I choose my save, it then sits loading for a good three minutes. The SMAPI console appears clean - no red text...

        Anyways, I do realize that this is a forum for discussion of mod updates, not a general help request forum, so unless others are having the same issue after recent installation of an unofficial update posted here, I will not hold out much hope for superheroic intervention on my behalf.

        Stay Calm and Keep Farming,
        • Mizzion

          Mizzion Phantasmal Quasar

          @Benigni, That chest with large names is a PyTk/CFR bug, The way CFR works, is before saving, it changes all custom machines to chests with data saved. Then when it loads up again, it's supposed to revert those chests back to machines, but it doesn't.

          For the saving times, depending on what all you have installed, it could be trying to write the data to the save file.

          For further help, if you want a faster response, you can join us in the #modding channel on discord. There's usually a few people around.
          • xbukimina

            xbukimina Orbital Explorer

            Hmm I'd have to see a picture to get a better idea of what you're experiencing. I haven't been playing much the last few days but I wasn't having issues like this with my 1.4 gameplay, if I'm understanding you correctly. Like when the game is initially loading up, your CF furniture sprites are showing up vanilla? Because I do remember having something like that happen every time I loaded my game with my custom furniture mods in particular but they always reverted back to normal when the game finished loading. But with the new update, my CF mods are appearing as they're supposed to, I noticed the difference right away since they always looked vanilla for a moment, so I think you and I might be experiencing the exact opposite of each other lol.
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            • sophiafairy

              sophiafairy Aquatic Astronaut

              i've got some screenshots now that will hopefully clear up what i was saying... i was having a hard time putting it into words haha!

              pic 1 "error1" - when i first place furniture from two different CF furniture packs down, they appear as they should both in my inventory and in my house!
              pic 2 "error2" - waking up the next morning in game, furniture still looks fine
              pic 3 "error3" - closed out of game + smapi, reopened the game and loaded my save, came back to the furniture looking like glitched out vanilla furnitures!
              pic 4 "error4" - moving the glitched out furniture... two vanilla chairs end up glued together as the same piece of furniture...?

              not pictured is how the glitched furniture show up in my inventory, as the oak chair (first piece of furniture in catalog on vanilla) and when i move my cursor over it, the "title" is no longer "dark wood table" but something that reminds me more of a url or path code... it's like the game is searching for something to load but can't find it when i restart the game? i'm really not sure, i'm sorry if this is confusing again >_<
              this only happens with my custom furniture packs! i'm using the band-aid CF mod so that they show up in my catalog, but they don't seem to stay when i close out... i've tried everything within my knowledge, but i'm unfortunately just not very good at these things!

              thank you for your time and attention, i genuinely appreciate it!

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              • katedate

                katedate Master Chief

                Awesome! I'll give it a shot moving the incompatible XNB files onto an external hard drive until a compatible substitute is released later on.

                I'll go check out the discord group to see if there is anything I could fix. I appreciate everyone's patience and thank you so much for the discord link. <3
                • Catchunks

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                  +1 for the same thing happening to me exactly

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                  • hosheep

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                  • J Good

                    J Good Aquatic Astronaut

                    It doesn't need to be updated, just download and add the .xnb where it says. I just checked it and it works fine. You could also rename the file "shed2" and make the larger shed interior available when you upgrade the shed if you like that big shed exterior.
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                    • snowfox090

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                    • Th3Tob1

                      Th3Tob1 Void-Bound Voyager

                      Please read the 'posts' section there, the developer himself posted that he will finish today or tomorrow..
                      • snowfox090

                        snowfox090 Void-Bound Voyager

                        Well crap, I missed that entirely. Thanks for the heads up!
                        • Quackmori

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                        • art17

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                          I don't really know much about programming but I want to contribute what I can do to the community

                          Here is the unofficial update for Greenhouse 20x20 by sirloinmeatt

                          - Greenhouse 20x20 is now a content patcher pack
                          - Require Content Patcher by Pathoschild
                          - Compatible with Stardew Valley 1.3 and 1.4+

                          - there is a minor warping problem when entering the greenhouse. It will warp you to the middle of the green house. I don't know how fix this issue.

                          Other than that the greenhouse is fully functional ^_^

                          Edit: Fixed the version number

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                            Last edited: Dec 12, 2019
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                          • art17

                            art17 Void-Bound Voyager

                            I don't see any issue with this mod. it works as intended.
                            • Wingyl

                              Wingyl Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                              I thiiink the idea was to make one of the versions be the big shed?
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                              • Cactuars

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                              • KellyClark

                                KellyClark Void-Bound Voyager

                                The same thing is happening to me too. I spent so long ding my house and it's all messed up now.
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