RELEASED UPDATED: Rival Events for Maru and Penny (now includes Poly options!)

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    Rival Events for Maru and Penny!

    One thing I had always loved about the original Harvest Moon games were
    Rival Events! I felt it gave more life to the game and the characters!
    So, I wanted to try my hand at making some rival events for Stardew
    Valley. I've seen some rival events for the vanilla couples, but I
    always loved the idea of Penny and Maru together! I had so much fun
    making this!


    • Six new events! Three for Penny and three for Maru at heart levels 4, 6, and 8.
    • The option to either help Penny and Maru get together or keep them apart
    • Talk to people around town to see what they think of Maru and Penny's relationship!

    NEW (optional) FEATURES:
    • Six new poly events! Get invited into Maru and Penny's relationship, go on a date as a trio, and, if you get married, four new dates for you to go on, one per season!
    • This mod is necessary if you want to marry Maru and Penny at the same time.

    Things to Come (Eventually):
    • Other Rival Couples
      • Next in mind for me is Sam/Sebastian (And then maybe Sam/Sebastian/Abigail)
      • I hope to make Rival Events for all the characters eventually!
    • Thanks to sivolobwho who made an AMAZING guide on how to create custom events. Without that guide, I would have been stuck at takeoff!
    • This is the appearance mod I'm using in the photos, for anyone interested.
    • Simply put the unzipped folder into your StardewValley\Mods folder!
    • Make sure you have smapi and content patcher installed!
    • If you want to see the Poly Events, go into the config.json and turn "Poly Relationship" from "false" to "true"
    • If you want to know the event triggers, please read the "readme"

    There shouldn't be any conflicts with existing mods! But if anyone comes
    across any conflicts or sees any mistakes, please let me know!


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    • LibraryLass

      LibraryLass Subatomic Cosmonaut

      Awesome! I love this!

      Though I have to admit I'm a little bummed that you chose both of my favorite girls for your first mod. But hey, maybe that'll get me out of my comfort zone enough to start paying more attention to Emily or someone.
      • BrintheHufflepuff

        BrintheHufflepuff Void-Bound Voyager

        Or you could download a polygamy mod and be a happy little triad :')
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        • DreamerDrop

          DreamerDrop Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          The mod my heart has always longed for...

          Thank you so much for this? I'm so glad people thought they'd be a sweet couple too. :nuruflirt:
          • Kourah

            Kourah Master Chief

            This is lovely ♡
            I really hope you do more couples! I'll be looking forward to it.
            • LibraryLass

              LibraryLass Subatomic Cosmonaut

              Darn right I will.
              • mirnamika

                mirnamika Void-Bound Voyager

                Could you please do Abigail and Sebastian? They've been my otp since I started playing.
                • Kourah

                  Kourah Master Chief

                • BrintheHufflepuff

                  BrintheHufflepuff Void-Bound Voyager

                  I don't have any plans to do Abigail and Sebastian at the moment, but after I finish my Sam/Sebastian events, I want to write some events for Sam/Sebastian/Abigail as a trio :)
                  • BrintheHufflepuff

                    BrintheHufflepuff Void-Bound Voyager

                    MAJOR UPDATE

                    Spring Heart Event.png

                    Fixed: The first event will now trigger only on Thursday not any other days.
                    Fixed: If you've done the community upgrade, you can now still trigger Penny's 6 Heart Rival Event
                    New: If you talk with certain NPCs within four days after an event triggers, they will make comments. Robin, Demetrius, Sam, Sebastian, Harvey, Penny, Maru, and Pam all have a couple new lines
                    New: The option for a poly relationship!
                    • This adds 6 new events! An event at 8 hearts, an event at 10 hearts, and 4 events at 12 hearts after you marry both Penny and Maru. One new event for each season.
                    • Simply go into the config folder, set "Poly Relationship" to "true". The default is "false."

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