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Discussion in 'Vehicles and Mounts' started by Ra!n, Jun 20, 2019.

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    This new update is really amazing guys and I'm enjoying myself tons, but something I would love to see next is the abilty to customize you're ship. I love being this epic Novakid Peacekeeping bounty hunter, but the experience is really thrown off by me flying around in a big Train. That is why I would like to see more ship types, maybe some kinds of ships could have perks. A kinda Hauler type ship could have extra storage spaces for every type of storage in the ship. Or a fighter ship could have space for 2 different Mech load-outs. Or a racing ship would allow for faster travel speeds.
    Or we could go a different way, you could loot ship parts off of hostile ships, and then build you're own ship with the blue prints you collected. This could blend very well with a system already in the game. The illegal licenses used to upgrade your ship could be re-purposed, a limit would be put on the max stats and size of your ship, that limit would be loosened for every license you buy. Upgrades could be crafted using wires batteries and such, but can only be applied using Upgrade Modules brought to Penguin Pete.
    Again these are all just ideas, please share your thoughts!

    (I've been playing the game since the beta but I never used the forums before. so I'm really not sure if the followed the format right.)
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    Hi! i read your post and i find it very interesting... you see, i´ve been playing starboud too since it´s earlier betas and i loved the way the game improved with time... i downloaded this mod called frakinuniverse for starbound (i´m playing now the version 1.4.4 of the vanilla starbound), this mod can be played using vanilla game or building your ship the way you like, i´m sending a picture of how amazing this mod can be...

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