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Modded [UPDATE](2/9/17 9:10pm) Starbound: Avali (Triage) Mech Edition! (Internet Instability OFFLINE)

Discussion in 'Public Servers' started by animeoutlaw87, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. animeoutlaw87

    animeoutlaw87 Space Spelunker

    Welcome to Starbound: Avali (Triage) Mech Edition!
    This server uses ->>>Frakin' Races<<<- and the ->>>Synergies Augment: Lightweight Class Mod<<<-

    After I discovered the Avali race Mod, and was pressed to find a server that hosted the Mod, I couldn't help but start my own Public Server to feature it. Since then I have found many more Mods to add to the pot, but now you can see where server name comes from.

    Below you will find any and all information you could need about the server. Be sure to read carefully as some information is rather important.

    Thank You and Enjoy!


    Known Bugs as of 2/6/17
    • When playing as an Avian; their ability to cause Cosmic Damage (a damage type not native to Vanilla Starbound, only to Starbound Servers using the Frakin' Universe Mod) when wielding a wand in one hand, and a dagger in the other can cause the game to crash, or the damaged enemy to become invisible.


    (2/6/17) [5: 01am] The "Classical Weaponry Mod" has been removed from the server due to a conflict which caused the game to crash when using any of the weapons from the mod. Please be sure to unsubscribe from this mod to prevent any issues when trying to log into the server.
    Thank You


    Whats New (2/5/17):

    • Frakin' Races Mod Update.
    ((Note: Detailed info on the new mods can be found under "Mod Details". New mods are tagged with the word "New" beside them))

    Mod Details

    • Avali (Triage): The primary mod that inspired me to start my own server. This mod adds the Avali race to the game as well as their own crafting stations, ship, armor, furniture, houses, colonies, and weapons.
    • XS Mechs: A mod that adds mechs into the game. Mechs can be obtained the same way you would obtain other in-game Vehicles, but are much more expensive.
    • ZZ Mech Modifications: A mod that expands on the "XS Mechs" mod. This adds a quest that, when completed, gives you access to a special garage to let you customize the colors of your Mechs, and adds a couple new Mech Modles to the mix (including one inspired by D.Va's MEKA from Overwatch).
    • Character Creation Extender 100: A mod that makes it possible to use other player created racial mods. Without this we would be limited to the vanilla Starbound Races. Has a nice layout for easier viewing.
    • Avali Colored Items: A special Avali coloring station that lets you color items with an Avali styled pallet.
    • Avali Additions: Adds special Avali Doors and Hatches to the game.
    • Avali Mannequin: Avali Race specific mannequins to the game so you can showcase your gear on them as home decor.
    • Avali Special Op. Armor: Adds additional cosmetic armor variants to customize your Avali character.
    • Avali Rocket Launcher + Misc. Stuff: Adds Avali themed Rocket Launcher (comes in end game tier quality), Custom Sprites, Custom Projectiles, Custom Special Effect, an Avali Spear with the Barrier ability, and an Avali Climbing Axe based off of the Ice Axe.
    • Elithian Races Mod: This add the Elithian (A lizard like race similar in appearance to the Avali), Avikan (Former military drones of the Elithian), and Trink (Sentient robots) races. This also adds a host of housing, furniture, armor, weapons, a new outpost specific to the Elithian with their own merchants, and many other things that can be found on the mods home page. (Note: I'm pretty sure the outpost is only accessible by people who make an Elithian character, but I haven't tested this out to make sure)
    • The Nightars: A mod that adds the Nightar race, building materials, gear, decorations, etc.
    • The Viera of Ivalice: A mod that adds the FFXII race, Viera. It also adds armors, decor, and other things. Is currently still in development with goals to add Final Fantasy inspired Job gear, and other things.
    • Sleeker Glitch Chassis [Stand Alone]: A mod that causes the Glitch Race to appear twice in your character creator. The first option is the original designs, and the 2nd option is the more futuristic and "sleek" updated version.
    • Classic Glitch Heads: Adds pre-release Glitch Heads that never made it into the game for some reason.
    • Alt Heads (Nova Kid): Adds slight changes to the Nova Kid hair and heads appearance.
    • AMP - Another Mod Pack (Hair and Beak Collection): Adds a multitude of hair styles across all races.
    • Invisible Clothes: Makes it so you can craft invisible clothing costume parts to hide your gear (Craft using the Spinning Wheel)
    • Dirk Striders Dumb Pointy Anime Shades: Because I loved Gurren Lagann and wanted those glasses in the game, lol.
    • Environmental Safety: Makes it so you can make a special panel; which allows you to build a home on otherwise inhospitable planets (places where you would freeze to death, suffocate, die from extreme heat, etc). (Note: You may need to place multiple panels in your house to make it work. As I read that people had issues controlling the climate of a large home with only one. Something to figure out on your own, lol)
    • Fall Damage for NPC's and Monsters: Makes it so hostile NPC's and monsters suffer from fall damage when jumping from high places. Does not effect friendly NPC's.
    • Neon Rainbow Teleport Beam: Changes the color of the teleport beam animation to a multi-color effect.
    • Make the Universe a Cuter Place: A mod which totally changes the aesthetic of all the Vanilla Starbound Races; giving them a more Anime appearance. The races that see the biggest impact are the Avian, Glitch, and Ape. The Avian looking more like Harpies than birds. And Glitch and Ape having much more pleasing pixel art. (Note: Due to the other Glitch Mods on the server, the Glitch Race has probably the most customization when making a new character. So there may be an overwhelming amount of head models when making a selection)
    • Tanz Tweaks - Textures: A mod that smooths out some of the games textures to make them more pleasing to the eye. It also fixes a missing texture in the Vanilla Starbound client that shows one of the merchants as only having 1 arm.
    • **[NEW]** Argonian Race Redux: Adds a new Reptilian race to the game as well as some other fluff features related to the race.
    • **[NEW]** Familiars Race: Adds "a race of fuzzy glow dudes made physical by magical forces beyond their understanding". Also adds some energy weapons and armor (armor goes to T4, weapons to T6. The race is physically shorter than the other races making them more unique.
    • **[NEW]** Bunnykin Race: Adds a race of bunny people. Who doesn't love bunnies?! Adds some new NPC's, tier 1-6 Armor and Weapons for the race, codex entries, decor, and other things.
    • **[NEW]** Ningen Race Mod Ver. 1.8: Adds the Ningen Race (they basically look like humans but with different hair styles, lol). Has some gear that can be crafted via the "NKR Forge" by pressing "C" in game.
    • **[NEW]** Felin: This adds a race of cat people. Adds a host of fluff features like Codexes, vehicles, etc. that are exclusive to this race.
    • **[NEW]** Felin Fur+: Adds more fur and hair colors for Felin.
    • **[NEW]** BetterEyes-Felin: Gives them Anime looking eyes instead of black dots.
    • **[NEW]** Race - Munari: Adds "an aquatic race similar to the Hylotl (think less alien fish, more human)". Mod adds racial clothing/armor, death animation, a ship, and custom A.I.
    • **[NEW]** BetterEyes-Munari: Gives them Anime looking eyes instead of black dots.
    • **[NEW]** The Orcana: Adds a race of "porpoise-like beings". The mod adds several fluff features like new crops, gear, decor, clothes, etc.
    • **[NEW]** Slime Race Mod: Adds a race of slime people. Mod adds their own unique tech, objects, farmable's, and other things.
    • **[NEW]** Gardevan: Adds a race that looks like Gardevoir/Gallade from Pok√©mon. Adds unique armor sets based off of Poke Ball's. As well as some clothes, and other fluff features.
    • **[NEW]** Hive Wasp Race: Adds a wasp race to the game. The mod gives them a ship, as well as a list of decor items.
    • **[NEW]** Vespoids. A wasp/beelike race: Adds a race similar to the "Hive Wasp Race", but different in appearance. Adds some racial craftables.
    • **[NEW]** Elunite Race: An interesting race that originated from programs of old hardware (think Tron). Comes with a bunch of stuff including up to tier 7 armor and weapons, Light Sabers, blocks, ship pet, costumes, furniture, and more.
    • **[NEW]** Lamia Race: A serpent race. Comes with full tiers of racial gear and racial weapons, some custom clothes, a ship, and ship.
    • **[NEW]** Make the Lamia a cuter race: Gives the Lamia a "Make the Universe a Cuter Place" re-skin.
    • **[NEW]** Skelekin Race: Adds a race of Skeleton people to the game. Adds racial starter cloths, up to T6 gears, a ship, and other fluff things.
    • **[NEW]** Frakin' Races: A Frakin' Universe Add-On mod (compatible with or without Frakin' Universe) that takes all of the Vanilla Starbound Races, as well as many of the player made racial mods, and gives each race unique strengths and weaknesses to make the game more interesting. (Note: I will add a link to the "Frakin' Races" home page; which lists every race with their Pros and Cons.)
    • **[NEW]** Synergy Augments: Lightweight Class Mod: This mod adds special, craftable augments that add a light "class" system to the game. With these augments you can specialize in healing, DPS, tanking, etc. just like in traditional MMORPG's. I find this makes the Frakin' Races mod even more interesting as you can actually make character builds that weren't before possible in Starbound. (Note: I will post a link which shows you a list of all the Class Mods, and their stat buffs.)
    ((Note: For detailed information on each mod you can simply go to my Steam Workshop Collection and click on each one to go to their main pages; which should tell you all you need to know))


    Installation Instructions

    Below you will find a link to my Steam Workshop Collection. You simply go to the link, and click the "Subscribe to all" Button, and it will add all of the Mods you'll need to log into the server.

    ((Note: If for some reason the game is saying you're missing something, try resubscribing to all the mods in my Steam Workshop Collection, close the game, and reopen it. If that doesn't work, download and manually install the mods into your mod folder. That normally fixes it.))

    IMPORTANT!!: Make sure you download the latest versions of the Mods if manually installing them into your mods folder.

    ALSO IMPORTANT!!: Make sure you only are subscribed to mods for this specific server, and that you have no other mods in your mods folder that aren't compatible with this server. Otherwise it wont let you log in. This is the case for any and all public servers that are modded, not just mine.


    Mod Download/Subscription Links
    1. Download File->>> XS Mechs - Vehicle Edition <<<-Download FIle
    2. Download File->>> ZZ Mech Modifications <<<-Download FIle
    3. Download File->>> Character Creation Extender 100 <<<-Download FIle
    4. Download File->>> Avali (Triage) <<<-Download FIle
    5. Download File->>> Avali Defense Turrets <<<-Download FIle
    6. Download File->>> Avali Rocket Launcher + Misc Stuff <<<-Download FIle
    7. Download File->>> Invisible Clothes <<<-Download FIle
    8. Download File->>> Elithian Races <<<-Download FIle
    9. Download File->>> The Nightars <<<-Download FIle
    10. Download File->>> Sleeker Glitch Chassis Standalone Version <<<-Download FIle
    11. Download File->>> Environmental Safety <<<-Download FIle
    12. Download File->>> Ground-Penetrating Radar Station <<<-Download FIle
    13. Download File->>> Fall Damage for Npcs and Monsters <<<-Download FIle
    14. Download File->>> Tanz Tweaks - Textures <<<-Download FIle
    15. Download File->>> The Viera of Ivalice <<<-Download FIle


    No Griefing (destroying peoples homes and and taking items without consent)
    2. After all that work, have fun!



    **IMPORTANT: The Mech Mods only work on newly made characters to the server. If you try using an old, pre-existing character from a different server, or a single player game, the Mechs wont appear in Penguin Petes Shop. No idea why, but that's how it seems to be working for the time being. However, once you make a new character on the server, that character should have no problems going forward. If for whatever reason it works for an old character you previously made on another server, then use that one to your hearts content :).



    Make sure you select the "Join Game" option when making your new character. And also make sure you go into the options menu on the home screen and select "Allow Assets Mismatch"



    Server Information

      • IP:
      • Player Limit: 10 (will increase depending on how the server handles the current limit)
      • Server Up-Time: 24/7
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  2. Chlindo

    Chlindo Poptop Tamer

    i have the explorer pod mod installed. will it still work?
  3. animeoutlaw87

    animeoutlaw87 Space Spelunker

    I have it set to allow missmatch. So it should still work, but if not, you'll have to remove the mod. Give it a try and see :)
  4. animeoutlaw87

    animeoutlaw87 Space Spelunker

    Sorry for those that weren't able to get on today. For some reason the server didn't boot properly. It's up and running again. :)
  5. Blaze2000

    Blaze2000 Void-Bound Voyager

    Hope you're ready for a crash landing :p
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2016
  6. Blaze2000

    Blaze2000 Void-Bound Voyager

    Also to note, some mechs may not be best for the server, like XS R-03C Pirate, its secondary, whatever it is, causes some major lag :/
  7. animeoutlaw87

    animeoutlaw87 Space Spelunker

    Yeah, I noticed that there is one Mech in particular that can cause lag because of one of its animations. I looked into it, but it seems to be an issue for some other servers as well. My advice: Don't Spam its primary attack, lol. Otherwise, it should be good :).
  8. DominosCat

    DominosCat Void-Bound Voyager

    Does the server still work? I cant seem to get in
  9. GlitchPunk

    GlitchPunk Void-Bound Voyager

    I second DominosCat's question. If the server is up i actually have a few mod suggestions
  10. Personal Butler

    Personal Butler Void-Bound Voyager

    whats the port? default? because every server page i have visited shows the port, if the port is 21025, then there is a problem, because ive already tried that. and it doesnt let me in. and another thing, yes, i did download all the things, and yes i already clicked "allow mismatched assets." Along with that i put in the correct ip and yet it doesnt let me in.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Jan 6, 2017
  11. animeoutlaw87

    animeoutlaw87 Space Spelunker

    Hey guys, sorry I was kind of MIA for a while and the server actually was taken down. I apologize for not having updated this thread in so long. I'm working on getting it back up and running. So hold tight and I'll update the main post when it's ready to go :). Any and all suggestions are welcome, as always.
  12. animeoutlaw87

    animeoutlaw87 Space Spelunker

    ***Main Post Updated***
  13. animeoutlaw87

    animeoutlaw87 Space Spelunker

    ***The Server Has Been Updated!***

    Whats New:

    • 3 New Racial Mods! (1 of which comes with 3 new races, for a total of 5!)
    • A mod that adds a second set of Glitch Skins to make them more futuristic and "sleek" (This will show up in character creation as the Glitch race taking up 2 Race Slots)
    • Some Racial Mods came with lots of new bonus content. Including quests if I'm not mistaken
    • A radar station that lets you see a map of all Chests, Ores, etc. underground. Making it easier to find what you need when mining (Must be crafted)
    • Invisible clothes that can be crafted at the Spinning Wheel. Allowing you to hide your armor if wanted and appear naked
    • A texture tweaking mod to make the game a little smoother looking in some places
    • A mod that changes the color of the teleport beam
    • Mods that add multiple new hair styles and such for character creation
    • A mod that causes enemy NPC's and Monsters to take fall damage (though friendly NPC's will not) to make combat a bit more realistic
    • A mod that lets you craft a station for changing the color of Avali Furniture and such
    • A mod that adds a craftable "Environmental Safety" panel that can be used to wire your homes so that you can colonize otherwise inhospitable planets (Makes it so you don't freeze to death in your house, Suffocate, etc)
    • And the "Make the Universe A Cuter Place" mod. Which totally changes the way all the races in the game looks.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2017
  14. bruej

    bruej Space Hobo

    i dun gon and updated
    animeoutlaw87 likes this.
  15. animeoutlaw87

    animeoutlaw87 Space Spelunker

    ***Updated the Main Post with more detailed info as to what mods are on the server***
  16. animeoutlaw87

    animeoutlaw87 Space Spelunker

    Hey all. I keep noticing people trying to connect to the server, but they keep forgetting to go into their game settings to checking the "Allow Assets Mismatch" option. Also, don't forget that if you have mods installed, or subscribed to, that ARE NOT the ones I use on my server (they will show up in my subscriptions list above) it will not let you log in. Also, you may need to make a brand new character when logging into my server for the first time. This is because characters from other modded servers, or other servers in general, may cause some kind of a conflic. I've seen this happen before.

    So be sure to start fresh :).
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2017
  17. animeoutlaw87

    animeoutlaw87 Space Spelunker

    ***Update 2/3/17***

    A bunch of new stuff was added. Check the main post for details, and don't forget to subscribe to the new content! :)
  18. animeoutlaw87

    animeoutlaw87 Space Spelunker

    ***Updated 2/3/17*** 9: 32am

    There was a conflix with the Xbawks character creator. Switched over to using the "Character Creation Extender 100" and it corrected the Bug with the character creation screen. Please Unsubscribe from the Xbawks Character Extender and Sub to the new mod which is listed in my Steam Workshop Collection link listed on the main page.

    Thank You <3
  19. animeoutlaw87

    animeoutlaw87 Space Spelunker

    ***Update 3: 23pm***

    Discovered a bug with one of the mods. Refer to the top of the main post under "Bugs".
  20. SurvivorZack

    SurvivorZack Orbital Explorer

    Hi there, I seem to get this error when I try to join.
    Client ship world has errored

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