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Unusual Materials

Discussion in 'Gear and Items' started by Darthkitten, May 25, 2012.

  1. Copper & iron are boring. Why not make some weapons with some of the "less popular" elements?
    Astatine Weapons L.gif Cesium wepons L.gif Sulfur Weapons L.gif Iodine Weapons L.gif

    Astatine weapons:
    All Astatine weapons except for the gun create energy shards that go flying on impact.

    Discar (gun):
    The gun's bullets disintegrate into a fine powder on impact, leaving the enemy covered in glowing dust after being wounded, making him/her a prime target for snipers.

    Jakk (knife):
    The Jakk is thrown, and pierces the target, leaving a glowing wound.

    Cesium weapons:
    All cesium weapons have a thing called aftercut.
    After you swing the weapon, a cut will last in the space/time continuum, then reverse, cutting a second time.

    Atomizer (gun):
    A nasty laser that leaves aftercut on the places it fries.

    Dial star (Glave):
    Has aftercut.

    Sulfur Weapons:
    All Sulfur weapons will leave a status called acid burn, which poisons your armor, as well as your health.

    Mak'nahrit (gun):
    Fireballs 'O death.

    In'ik (hatchet):
    Is thrown in an arc.

    Iodine Weapons:
    All Iodine weapons inflict illusion. The more stacks of illusion a player has on him/her, the more fake iodine weapons he can see. If this gets over 4 stacks, the enemy will start seeing fake versions of his attacker(s)

    X-56 recoil (gun):
    A sniper rifle, but it fires special bullets that inflict more illusion than a regular sword.

    99-Crosshatch (flail):
    Trip your opponent, then hit him with your sword.
  2. CoffeineCat

    CoffeineCat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    All of these weapons looks and sound great! I like that the weapons (or possible ores?) got these "enchantments" to them.
    The Cesium weapons would definitely be something I would enjoy, big time.
  3. BrutorDragon

    BrutorDragon Tiy's Beard

    Wow these are cool, Planing more my dark kitten friend?
  4. Armor!
    Armor for everyone!
    Neodymium armor L.gif Rhodium armor L.gif Lanthanum armor L.gif Tungsten armor L.gif
    Neodymium armor------------------Rhodium armor---------------Lanthanum armor------------Tungsten armor----------

    Neodymium armor:

    Neodymium armor is magenetic, so when a metal blade sticks to you, the opponent will have a tough time pulling it off.
    Also, you can climb up metal blocks.

    Rhodium armor:

    Rhodium is an ultra shiny material, so hits from laser/light weapons have a chance to reflect off, and fly back toward your opponent.
    It also looks extra-classy.

    Lanthanum armor:

    This armor is strong, and it holds a special power. When you are hit, you don't take knockback. Your opponent does. Make sure every sniping enemy tries to take you out, so they end up falling of their high-perched sniper tower.

    Tungsten armor:
    Besides being incredibly fire resistant & bulletproof, Tungsten armor has 4 controlable wires to light up your path, and electrocute your foes.
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  5. BrutorDragon

    BrutorDragon Tiy's Beard

    Can you make Draconium armor pwease? + weapons/tools
  6. That's not a real element! But why not, I'll put it on my sprites thread instead.
  7. CoffeineCat

    CoffeineCat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Rhodium armor, because it looks extra-classy.
  8. Cesium armor L.gif Iodine armor L.gif Sulfur Armor L.gif Astatine Armor L.gif
    -------Cesium armor---------------------Iodine armor----------------Sulfur armor-----------------Astatine armor
    Lanthanum weapons L.gif Neodymium weapons L.gif rhodium weapons L.gif Tungsten weapons L.gif
    ---Lanthanum weapons---------Neodymium weapons-----------Rhodium weapons--------Tungsten weapons

    Astatine Armor:

    Astatine armor sends random glowing shards when hit. These shards are similar to those of the astatine weapons.

    Iodine Armor:

    Opponent's will be seeing double when you have this armor on.

    Cesium armor:
    Speed up or slow down time in an area around you just a little when you have this armor on. It could save your life.

    Sulfur armor:

    Leave a trail of brimstone wherever you walk, damaging foes.

    Lanthanum Weapons:
    These Weapons have "Dry Touch", which deals more damage outside of water.

    Toaster 2000 (gun):
    Sets stuff on fire. FAST.

    Cy Sheild:
    Has the same effect as Lanthanum armor.

    Neodymium Weapons:
    These weapons deal more damage the closer you stand to your opponent.

    Neo bolt launcher (gun):
    A magnetic bolt that sticks into your opponent, adding excess weight, therefore slowing him/her down.

    Multi-bar (sheild):
    Same effect as the armor. (You can't climb with it though.)

    Rhodium Weapons:
    Have a chance to blind your opponents or paralyze them.
    They also make you look inspiring and powerful when you use them.

    Waz-blaster (gun):
    Makes a signature wazzing sound when the bullet flies through the air.

    Shinestar (sheild):
    Same effects as the armor.

    Tungsten Weapons:
    Have electrocute, which does more damage in water.

    Tungsten Shotpistol:
    It's hunting season.

    Tungsten Sheild:
    If it comes in contact with a melee weapon, it has a chance
    to electrocute your attacker.


    I think that's enough gear. I don't think I'll make anymore.
    I'll still do pixel art though.
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  9. Rho

    Rho Pixel Sorceress Chucklefish

    Love the Rhodium equips! :)
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  10. snakedysnake

    snakedysnake Astral Cartographer

    what thing do you use to create such masterpiece's.
  11. Anything from MS paint to adobe photoshop will do, just zoom in a lot.
  12. CoffeineCat

    CoffeineCat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Why are those weapons so sexy?
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  13. Astatine

    Astatine Space Spelunker

    :) My name.
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  14. shoe

    shoe Master Chief

    These are awesome! I think the Tungsten armor is my favorite.

    I'd like to think the devs would avoid the typical iron/copper/silver/etc... setup considering not only has it been done, but we have whole new planets to deal with! It'd be equally cool if we got these less-loved members of the periodic table or even completely new materials never discovered on Earth.
  15. LastDay

    LastDay Heliosphere

    Those look really cool! :)
    Sorry to be a downer but I dunno if there are any items like that in Starbound...
    Terraria and Minecraft items work that way, with set X-material items, but Starbound's items are said to work like Borderlands.
    That means you'll probably find items like "Combustive Rifle", with flame damage and a whole bunch of random stats.
    The appearances are random as well.
    So for a sword you'll probably have a blade and hilt piece that get picked randomly and carry some semi-random stats with them.

    Still, those might be really cool as rewards from quests.
    And I dunno if armor is randomized or not.
  16. qazxcwe

    qazxcwe Phantasmal Quasar

    These would be gr8!
    Really would fit into starbound!
  17. TheAwesomeAvian

    TheAwesomeAvian Sandwich Man

    This is a good idea, I would use iodine everything
  18. Seria-Myouna

    Seria-Myouna The Last Moderator IRC Operator

    I really like the sprites and the concepts behind them, but the materials you chose are largely inefficient for producing armor or weapons.

    -Iodine, though lethal when ingested in sufficient quantities, is not recognized as a mineral, and has neither the properties of malleability or ductility. Producing armor out of the substance would be nigh-near impossible, even in it's crystalline form. It is also water-soluble...

    -Astatine, well... Let me quote a bit of the Wikipedia page:

    "[Astatine] occurs on Earth only as the result of the radioactive decay of certain heavier elements. All of its isotopes are short-lived; the most stable is astatine-210, with a half-life of 8.1 hours. Accordingly, much less is known about astatine than most other elements. The observed properties are consistent with it being a heavier analog of iodine; many other properties have been estimated based on this resemblance."

    So not only is it radioactive with a low half-life, but it is also similar to Iodine, most likely water-soluble and posessing no metallic qualities.


    "Caesium is an alkali metal and has physical and chemical properties similar to those of rubidium and potassium. The metal is extremely reactive and pyrophoric, reacting with water even at −116 °C (−177 °F)." (Wiki, Again)

    Potassium ranks a mere .4 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This would be like making armor/weapons out of a softer material than talc. Also keep in mind the scale is ordinal, meaning 1 is half as hard as 2.

    In addition to this, Cesium is a silvery metal.

    -Sulfur, while ranking a relatively high 2.0 on the Mohs scale, is not normally used as a building material. Sulfiric acid, though is incredibly lethal to organic and metallic targets, so I can understand where this one was going.

    -Neodymium. Sounds good. I like the magnetic-based effects of this armor. As long as it was plated with something else it seems relatively feasible.

    -Rhodium actually rates a 6.0 on the Mohs scale, so kudos for picking this particular metal.

    "rhodium is usually alloyed with platinum or palladium and applied in high-temperature and corrosion-resistive coatings" (Wiki once more)

    Heat/Acid resistance would be good properties to have on this armor, though it is metallic, so reflection could also be a potential attribute.

    -Lanthanum is malleable and ductile, but unfortunately is is a rather soft metal. It only ranks a 2.5 on the Mohs scale.

    -Tungsten has both heat resistance and a rather high Mohs hardness of 7.5. I like the idea of this armor quite a bit.

    Please keep in mind that your ideas are wonderful, just the elements you chose bothered be a bit.
  19. This is me not giving a du-

    Ha ha, I know, I studyed every element that I made armor with.
    I do know their details, and the suits powers are based off the things the elements are used for.
    (Except for Lanthanum, I didn't really know how a propane lantern suit of armor would work.)
    But as for the softer elements, I was thinking a special mixture of regular material like steel would be mixed with the element to make a "Cesium bar" or whatever.
    (Even if it dosn't really melt all that well together.)
    Honestly, all I cared about was finding the most interesting elements for armor.
    But if worst comes to worst, and it dosn't make sense, (Like the Astatine) blame it on superior technology. That always works imo.
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  20. I was bored, so I made this Rhodium mech! Enjoy!
    Rhodium mech.gif

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