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Closed [Unstable] "Timeout" Issue

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Bacon, Apr 10, 2015.

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  1. So, i am to report one timeout issue on unstable server, our is running on linux64 dedi machine.

    So after we got again face a network timeout issue that kinda does "stall" the server process, i noticed something odd on the logs.

    Here is part of the log: http://pastebin.com/80XH4FQC of this whole log: http://pastebin.com/WgjmNM9w

    There was only 4 people online, but when i sent the shutdown order it disconnected 31 ids! Some of them same IP with multiple ids. Something is certainly not right here.

    What happened on behavior is pretty much, at first when everything stops after a while it kicks everybody due inactivity. Then it doesn't let anybody back in they will face "timeout while establishing connection" only showing on the log a message of connection received from IP X but never gets to process it.

    So doing a clean shutdown is the last part of the log that shows me something odd, why did it disconnect 31 ids? And why the some IPs several times under different ids?

    I don't understand that part, why it closes the socket between the server and this IPs that disconnected already hours ago!
  2. Okay i reached a developer about this it seems it should be fixed next unstable update. ^^
  3. Dunto

    Dunto Guest

    Post back once it is resolved for sure and we'll close this up. :)
  4. Well the new unstable update i quite can't shutdown the server correctly (it hungs), so i can only tell if fixed or not once they also fix this behavior. :monkey:
  5. nimmerland

    nimmerland Existential Complex

    Did you rename / delete the Starbound folder and reinstall (For both, client and server machine) without moving anything to the new folders?
    New Logfile?
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  6. Dunto

    Dunto Guest

    Do you have hanging issues at shutdown if you don't use RCON (at all) while the server is running?
  7. The server shutdown is hanging with RCON server disabled. On unstable new build i notice is now a QueryServer error after give a Ctrl C that can hang it. Can be related to this report as well far said they were to look into this of not closing the socket between a client and a server on shutdown.

    Another bug i am noticing at least on linux64, sometimes i may even do a kill PID on the starbound_server, the people online on the server will not get disconnected, instead stay frozen inside, even after the process already restarted and the server is back online! This is also a new behavior on the last build. There's also another that is packet errors still trying to be sent after X client disconnected that i already reported they will look at monday.
  8. Okay more bugs to report tomorrow:
    Players on the server from sudden can't beam or travel anymore, ship teleports won't work and try to open the navigator result on crash.

    Server Error related to this:

    Client Crash Error When i did open navigator:

    It tells about invalid coordinates but i'm just over the homeworld as normal, so i guess it just broke. It fixes itself if the server restarts but it seems ends up happening again.
  9. Dunto

    Dunto Guest

    Have you tried the standard renaming of the universe folder to see if the issue goes away? (You can try recovering the old worlds if that takes care of it.)
  10. Yeah i know usually the files who derp out can be around universe.dat .lock or chunks. But in this case nothing is wrong with the files, restarting the server only fixes the problem but some players report that travel as a whole can stop working since the last unstable build. I can work around the issues but for me it's best report them.

    But this error in particular doesn't make that much sense because the coordinates are valid, server is just not recognizing it for some reason, otherwise it would keep broken after one restart.
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