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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Col. Lavoie, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. Col. Lavoie

    Col. Lavoie Space Hobo

    Okay so, as of lately of I have noticed that there are Two Halo mods for Starbound, and with that being said. None of them are ship mods, now the mods we do have consist of.
    An armor mod (that includes weapons, but not all of them),
    and another mod that includes nothing but Covenant weapons.
    So, it's time that someone made a ship mod. Considering there are over 50 ships in the Halo Universe, it is very very shocking that someone hasn't made a mod for the ships yet. For an example.
    That is a reasonable sized ship that in Halo could fit, well. A Lot of people. But for the mod it only needs to fit, maybe, 6 people and have about 17-20 rooms.
    also, for the Covenant it should be something simple like maybe this?.
    And once again the size of this, implies that it can carry. Hundreds, upon Thousands of people. But for logic sake it only needs about 17-20 rooms and it should only be able to have the maximum amount of Crewmembers.

    And yeah that's all I really want, someone should really make some ship mods for the UNSC and Covenant, it'd be awesome for RP.
  2. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

    Why is it shocking? What do you mean "It's time"? People mod in their free time, and they will mod in what they want. Clearly no one who mods has wanted a Halo ship. So why don't you make one? There are plenty of ways you can learn how. And if you have time to play the game, then you have time to mod.
  3. Col. Lavoie

    Col. Lavoie Space Hobo

    You do realize "It's time" is an expression right?, no need to be a smart ass.

    Also why would I bother learning to mod when we already have hundreds of moders who has made perfect ship mods in the past, it seems a bit foolish. And well. Useless.

    And if I were to even download that Ebook-Link,
    (which yes I did look through)
    I would have to download other shit, so It's not even worth it for me to do it, when other people already have that shit ready.
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  4. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

    And no need to add false urgency to a mod request. It comes off as demanding. "UNSC mods that we have and the ones we need", "It's time", and "Someone should make some ship mode...".

    Tit for tat.
  5. Col. Lavoie

    Col. Lavoie Space Hobo

    You must be ignorant, because those lines.
    "It's time"
    "Someone should make some ship mod"
    "UNSC mods that we have and the ones that we need"

    Are simple terms of expression, not directed to seem like you are. "Forcing" someone.
    And also, really now?. "False Urgency". Excuse me but I don't recall saying.
    I didn't say SHIT, that sounded "Urgent".
  6. Col. Lavoie

    Col. Lavoie Space Hobo

    It's like when you say "Oh well IT'S TIME for me to get going now"
    It's just a fucking expression, not a god damn demand.
    You're just like Trump.
  7. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

    Wow... breaking out the ad hominems now? This will really help people like you and want to take on your request.


    2. Urgency doesn't mean flipping out like you tried to attribute. It simply means to add importance to something. By using phrases like "It's time...", and "X we need" you are adding urgency to whatever you are referring to. Not necessarily life or death kind of urgency, but you are attempting to make it seem more important than it really is. Thus, false urgency.


    You should really read up on what expressions are. "the process of making known one's thoughts or feelings". So by saying "It's time to X" You are drawing attention to X, and putting emphasis on it. Or, in another word, urgency.
  8. Col. Lavoie

    Col. Lavoie Space Hobo

    It's funny that you accuse me of making it sound more important than it actually is, when actually. All i said was the simple lines of "It's time" and "Someone should make"
    It's not that hard to understand that you're the Attacking Party in this argument.
    Once again, I said "It's time" and "Someone should" as an expression for the simple request to make something.
    So "THUS", you are the aggressor in this whole thing. All I did was say 19 words, and YOU flipped.
    Not me, you.

    "THUS" that makes you immature.
  9. Col. Lavoie

    Col. Lavoie Space Hobo

    And also that "Definition" for "It's time"
    Is completely blind.'"
    Look at it this way, if some foolish religious conservative freak were to say something like "OHHH WELL THE WORLD IS GONNA END IN 2 YEARS" and then those 2 years come up and he (or she) says. "ITSTIME".
    Does that mean it's time?. No. Case and point.
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