Modding Help Unpacking a .modpak file?

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Frambo, Mar 11, 2022.

  1. Frambo

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    Recently I've been looking into trying to fix an older mod to make it compatible with the current version of the game - the newest version of the mod is a .pak file, which I was able to unpack just fine, however there is an older version which had more features that were never added to the newer version of the mod.

    Since the creator of the mod has vanished from the forums several years ago now, I want to see if I can at least try to make the mod work again. Unfortunatley, the older version of the of the mod is a .modpak file, and the current starbound asset_unpaker.exe doesn't seem to support that format anymore.

    Does anyone have a working method of unpacking .modpak files?
    I've tried several things, including ModPackHelper, which is meant to support the .modpak format, but that program seems to be broken right now in general judging by what people in the thread have said.

    I really appreciate any help or advice! :}
  2. Genevra

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    you could download an earlier version of the game and see if that unpacker works
  3. The | Suit

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    You will want to try the Starbound Official Discord - I think someone made a Github link of all the versions of the modpacker
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  4. Sock_Bunny

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    this should work

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  5. SeraphixPrime

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    I have tried your asset unpacker and have had no luck, is there more to it than simply click run?
  6. Sock_Bunny

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    try dragging a modpak into it

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