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Discussion in 'Mods' started by DerBonk, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. DerBonk

    DerBonk Industrial Terraformer



    Hello everyone! I am part of a group of German players who have begun working on an unofficial German translation of the game.

    Current progress:

    • The open beta is now available: https://reword.eibenpfeil.de/ (the SSL certificate is from cacert.org and will not be recognized by some browsers, you can create an exception for it, however)
    • Please contribute to our bugtracker: https://reword.eibenpfeil.de/mantis It helps us enormously, as we do not have the time to test the game extensively ourselves and to do the translation at the same time
    • The biggest known issues are:
      • Not all text translated
      • English save games are incompatible (as are German saves with the English original)
      • Some menu items are unresponsive (most annoyingly the option to buy a larger backpack)
      • It is currently not possible to expand coop or barn
      • Some possible crashes
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    • heartphilia

      heartphilia Subatomic Cosmonaut

      How exactly does it work? Do I get some text sent by you and get to translate it? As a teacher I don't have too much time, but I would help a little, if I can. And also in the right picture, there is a comma after "Kristall" ;)
      • DerBonk

        DerBonk Industrial Terraformer

        Thanks! ;) We could use help with these kind of corrections, so maybe that would be something you could do? Just send me a PM and I'll get you on to our Trello board.
        • Yunix

          Yunix Big Damn Hero

          I was in hope for this so badly! Thank you for doing it! Awesome!

          I would love to help, but sadly my grammar is not pretty good. :(
          • heartphilia

            heartphilia Subatomic Cosmonaut

            No worries, we'll manage :)
            • Flachzange

              Flachzange Poptop Tamer

              German is my native language, if you need help send me an pm.
              • DarkBolo

                DarkBolo Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                Where did you get all the texts friend? I am thinking about polish translation.
                • DerBonk

                  DerBonk Industrial Terraformer

                  From what I understand most text is in the "data" folder directly. At least that is what we are translating right now and it is quite a lot of text. PM me if I can help more.
                  • ShamanKem84

                    ShamanKem84 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                    The Dialogues are under
                    Stardew Valley\Content\Characters\Dialogue
                    • LordBenneX

                      LordBenneX Intergalactic Tourist

                      I already digged into this by myself. I added the dialogues font of TrueChrisBlue (from here).
                      I translated the dialogue of Robin and Lewis in the beginning of the Game located in the Events/BusStop.xnb
                      Works pretty fine even with äüöß ;) So please use this font too. It would be a shame if we hurry to quickly and have to rework or live with that stupid ae,oe,ue,ss workarounds...

                      Im really interested in translating the game but of course also in doing it the right way =)
                      It's still dangerous to do it, when I tried to translate the Animals the Game crashed everytime I tried to enter the Zone of the Pet-Shop. Be aware of things like this.
                      • DerBonk

                        DerBonk Industrial Terraformer

                        Thanks LordBenne, we will get right onto that. Are you interested in joining the project? Especially if you have already translated some stuff. Just send me a PM.

                        We have not had the game crash so far. I hope we'll figure these things out.
                        • Flari

                          Flari Space Hobo

                          I would love to help. I'm actually working in editorial, so correcting stuff and figuring out whether it is true to the original or not is my speciality. Where do I sign up? ^^ (Also, not Ä,Ö,Ü in there? ;P)
                          • DerBonk

                            DerBonk Industrial Terraformer

                            We are currently working on implementing an already available font fix that would allow for Umlauts. So we should be able to use aöüß :)

                            Just send me a PM!
                            • Yunix

                              Yunix Big Damn Hero

                              I love how this community works together. :3

                              I already saw some saying that things like the Itemname and Itemclass (ex. "fish","cooking","Mineral") would be "hard coded" (what ever that means)...
                              So good luck on that too.
                              Also just noticed on 2nd picture: "Eine klarer Kristall...".
                              • DerBonk

                                DerBonk Industrial Terraformer

                                Thanks for the corrections :) The screenshots were just a proof-of-concept that we could do anything with the text at all.

                                Yes, we are working on extracting some of the harder to get to pieces of text. Hopefully we can get a workaround, otherwise we would have to live with a few English remnants in a first version. From what I can see, most of the text in the game is not hard coded, however, but easily accessible. We have already translated a good chunk of the dialog, for example.
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                                • Isegrimm

                                  Isegrimm Void-Bound Voyager

                                  I'd love to help, if there´s something i am confident in it is my translation abilities between english and german^^

                                  I also have a suggestion, it seems more natural and casual if you use

                                  "... die ein schönes Geschenk abgibt." instead of "... welche ein schönes Geschenk abgibt."

                                  it is both correct but the former is less formal.
                                  • Toben

                                    Toben Intergalactic Tourist

                                    I'd like to help too but first in want to enjoy the whole game. I'm pretty sure you guys will do a great job on this project.

                                    Did ou got in touch with Concernend Ape?
                                    • mafi_93

                                      mafi_93 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                      I crash the game with special characters in "small.font". You can use the ß smoothly? The Spanish Ñ is fine, but the tiny ñ breaking game.
                                      • Geuthur

                                        Geuthur Big Damn Hero

                                        Ich würde gern mit machen im Projekt :)
                                        • DerBonk

                                          DerBonk Industrial Terraformer

                                          Hey everyone! It's so great to see so much interest across all channels. If you are willing to test the patch in a very early state (that may mess up your SV install or your save!), please send me a PM, we can use as many testers as we can get. I will create some page that will keep everyone posted on the progress of the mod, I think that would be easiest. In the meantime, if you want to help out right now, check out the German Wiki (stardew-valley.de), they can certainly use some help.

                                          We have all Umlauts working so far, but certain parts of the game are harder (or perhaps even impossible) to translate using non-English characters. What exactly do you mean by "breaking the game"? And have you talked to RyuAoikaze? He messaged me about translation efforts into Spanish as well.

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