Unlockable Playthrough Achievement Rewards !

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    Hello !
    would like to start by saying, love the game!

    alright lets get into it. & Please, let me know what you think !
    my idea?
    Unlockable Playthrough Achievement Rewards
    *NOTICE -
    Not all rewards need a fresh start. (Like My Community Center / JoJa Idea)

    Have you completed year 3?
    Are you considering starting a new Game File for a new, fresh playthough?

    what if, you could start a new game, with certain items, relationships, or bonuses after unlocking certain Achievements on your last playthough!

    some of my unlockable achievement Reward ideas are

    - First Love,
    Start the game with full hearts on your last wife/husband
    (unlocked by getting married, or reaching 15/10 hearts)

    - In Grandpa's Will,
    Have grandpa pass down 1 item to you along with your bag of seeds that you had in your previous game.
    may it be random? or maybe you choose !
    Example, your old sprinkler !
    ( unlocked by reaching the 3rd year, endgame achievement)

    - Social Butterfly / Best Friends Forever !
    Start the game with 2 hearts with everyone
    (unlocked by maxing hearts on 10 or more villagers)

    - Mans best friend
    Your old cat/dog returns with you in your next playthough, along with getting asked to adopt a new cat or dog, just like before !
    (unlocked by reaching 10/10 hearts on your pet, which would now be a thing, or by giving the pet water for a full year)

    - As they say, An Apple a day..
    start with an old apple tree somewhere in your overgrown field
    (unlocked by giving doctor Harvey at the clinic an apple, or by eating/selling X amount of apples)

    Egg-cellent !
    On old chicken still wanders your broken down farm from when your grandfather owned it,
    Doesnt need a coop, (but can be sent to one) nor food, essentially, its a new pet. but it still uses a heart system to upgrade the eggs it lays
    (unlocked by hatching a chicken from an egg, and reaching 6/5 hearts

    - Tight-Knit Community
    Community center is complete, & holds fundraisers, food drives or even a neighborhood watch every season that give certain stat bonuses if you complete, like previous bundles, but are random and always changing.
    such as,
    Fundraiser - $5000 - donating it might get you a luck bonus that season, and maybe you forage more items for the next season!
    Food Drive - bring in a specific bundle of specified food, or maybe enough food to reach a specified market value. Donate food till its value reaches $1000 which might get you increased chances better crops next season,
    Neighborhood watch - keep the community safe! kill X amount of Slimes, Bats, Skeletons etc. to receive an increase to health or damage bonus for the next season.
    (unlocked by completing the Community Center bundles)

    - JoJa Premium Member
    receive a JoJa Gold Membership Card in your wallet, that gives you discounted prices at JoJa.
    (unlocked by getting a membership with JoJa and buying all the upgrades.)

    - Key to the City
    your a hero to the city, and received a key for it ! goes in your wallet, and opens every door in the game.
    No longer do you have to be friends with someone to enter their home, you are welcome by all !

    - My Past Life, (I must have been a farmer)
    Start with a skill of your choosing or random, at level 3
    (unlock by reaching level 10 with all skills)

    - Ol' Hand-Me-Downs
    Not everything your grandpa left you was old and beat up, one of your tools got a free upgrade!
    (unlocked by fully upgrading every tool)

    - Fish Farmer
    Catch a fish couple fish of a certain type and throw it in the pond at your the farm, they will breed, and you "harvest" with crab pots, you now have a fish farm in your back yard pond !
    *only allows X amount of that fish to be farmed daily,*
    (unlocked by catching all legendary fish)

    - Burn the Midnight Oil
    you are now use to over working yourself, you get an increase of +10 to energy and don't pass out until 230am instead of 2.
    (unlocked by passing out at 2am X amount of times)

    - Hey ! its me !
    Start equipped with Your Hat, Rings, and Boots that you were wearing at the time of your Grandpa's Judgement/Re-evaluation

    - Drained My Savings Account.
    So you quit your city job and moved to a small community to try your hand at farming,
    well, its a good thing you saved up some money before you quit !
    Start a new game with $5000
    (unlocked by reaching the 1 Million Dollar Mark)

    Master Chef
    Unlocked All Cooking recipes !
    (learning all cooking recipes previously)

    Unlock all crafting recipes (Purchasable, not from skills)
    (learning all of the crafting recipes previously)

    these are just a couple of ideas ! i think it would add even more replay-ability to the game
    what do you think ?
    what achievements would you have to unlock?

    Also, on another note --
    i think one day it would be awesome if you child grew up enough to do simple chores and communicate with you ! maybe went to the library with he other kids to learn ! is there any mods for this? can anyone make this happen?
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