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Outdated Unlockable Hoverbikes Mod 4.0

Access to various HOVERBIKE TECHS!!

  1. Yanazake

    Yanazake Space Kumquat

    The current version of the game broke the bikes partially, they can't jump. Only mechs.
  2. RS219

    RS219 Void-Bound Voyager

    Kind of the reason why I uninstalled the mod. I made sure to follow the command on S.A.I.L. before deleting the mod from my folder, but the human hoverbike skill is still on my character. Anyone here know how to fully remove it?
  3. Yanazake

    Yanazake Space Kumquat

    Well, human hoverbike is part of the game, this mod only unlocks it. If you can't remove it though starcheat, then you're stuck with it.
  4. RS219

    RS219 Void-Bound Voyager

    Ah, well, turns out I found a backed-up save that I made before I installed Enhanced Storage and the Hoverbike mod at the same time. The tech's gone now while I keep my current ship and loot, thank goodness I followed instructions.
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  5. CATastrophy12

    CATastrophy12 Aquatic Astronaut

    LOL it's default that it jumps so low that it seems like your not jumping at all!

    You have to craft the Hoverbike key. :DD
  6. CATastrophy12

    CATastrophy12 Aquatic Astronaut

    Thanks for reporting the uninstall results, now I know that the uninstall button works!
  7. graycatgrayhat

    graycatgrayhat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    @CATastrophy12 Hey might I have permission to make a add-on hoverbike for this mod? It would be themed parts from Logistics Frigate Reborn, it would be easy to make a drag and drop patch for my hoverbike.
  8. CATastrophy12

    CATastrophy12 Aquatic Astronaut

    Yes, you may.
  9. Finerframe

    Finerframe Big Damn Hero

    when i use the key i cant access the the ai thingy to get to the techs since it crashes me everytime so i took a picture of the message

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  10. CATastrophy12

    CATastrophy12 Aquatic Astronaut

    what's your version?
  11. unownplyr

    unownplyr Big Damn Hero

    game crashes
    error message
    [(starexeption) An error occurred during loading: (item exeption)
    duplicate item name 'hoverbike key' found
    I may be able to fix this myself if SOMEONE translates this from error message to English
    EDIT:the stick out toung emoticon is the forems being STUPID and thinking that was a :.P (minus the . in the middle)
  12. Dragon Dred

    Dragon Dred Void-Bound Voyager

    same here T_T
  13. Black_Ops_CTR

    Black_Ops_CTR Space Spelunker

    does this work on nightly or not?

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