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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Yavor, Feb 4, 2019.

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    Dear Chucklefish,

    I know that this is a strange request, but I would really like something like it to come out. First of all, I really appreciate the fact that doggies are not killed, but rather run off scared. I love it, I appreciate it! A lot! Now for my request – I would like the Option (in the games options) that when ticked on, it will allow All of the units in the game to run off like that. People should have the right to rout too (yes, even the skeletons). This would be an improvised kid "safe" version, without any violence, which would be welcome, when I want to play the game with my underage cousins, and would allow many children (and parents) to enjoy the game to a greater extent.

    To defend my view – I really believe that the real soldiers on the battlefield, more often than not, break the enemy, rather than slaughter them to the last man. That is why I would like an “Unit Rout” option to be implemented in the further, further updates of the game. This way it will be a war of the spirit, and not a war of bloodshed. The bravest souls win. I do believe that this addition will be in the well-intended, good-natured spirit of Wargroove. Furthermore, I think it will complement the main menu animations ;) .

    Plus it would be really fun to watch some units fill their pants and run, from my dragonfire. :)

    (and then my dragon run away from some witches)

    I realize that many people will not like this as a way of playing, and that’s why I think it should be a small, small button in the options menu. If people want blood and death, they can have it all by default. Other people have the right of choice.

    Thank You!

    Kind Regards!


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