Story United Systems Paranormal Investigation Bureau report 0108

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    Hey, folks! I was thinking the other day, and this is the result. Hope you all like it, cause I'll be doing more. Any constructive criticism is welcome, as this is my first big Starbound story. This is like an intro into the adventures of the 8 Elite. Stay tuned!

    Squad Head: Jack Smitt
    Date: 2/12/37 AE
    Location: Crest Alpha 2

    Upon entering the house, we found it unusually tidy, with nothing out of the ordinary. The distress beacon was found in a young girl's bedroom. The beacon was a small keychain unit. Further investigation of the beacon shows that the signal could not have traveled far enough to reach our scout post. It is unclear how the scout post sensors were able to read the signal from over 6 times the casting range. Aside from the beacon, the only clue of anthing amiss was a brass key jammed into the west wall of the girl's bedroom. It appeared to have hit or pushed into the plaster to go almost all the way into the wall cavity. The key belongs to the girl whose voice was heard on the distress signal, if the initials on it are to say anything. What is perhaps more interesting is that blood was found on the key's diamond rod head. We are sending the key and distress beacon to the forsienics lab as soon as possible.

    The reason why the key was not sent as intended, is because we found a rather large safe in the basement of the house. The key was required to access the contents, but not in the traditional sense. The key's prongs appear to be decorative, and the diamond at the end of the shaft contains the e-chip for the safe. Not risking getting the contents of the safe vaporized by any failsafe, the key is being shipped after we open the safe.

    There is going to be more, don't worry. Also, there are Avali in my fan fiction. :avail:D:
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    Cleaned up post so there isn't a huge wall o' text. :)
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    That story ended fast haha. Still its neat.

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