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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Razieluigi, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. Razieluigi

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    Loving the game, but the biggest struggle I've had so far is just parsing the effective/vulnerable charts in the codex. The icons are really small and indistinct, vary by faction, and are hard to make sense of on the fly. I end up cycling through factions trying to keep it all straight in my head.

    Seeing as the units are functionally identical across factions, there should just be standard, easy to read icons. A spearman is a spearman and could just be represented by a little spear, etc.

    That one quality-of-life change would really transform the game for me.


    - I think it would be nice to have some kind of indicator that units are scoring a crit. It's probably too much to create new sets of animations, but maybe some kind of flashing or an intensified sound cue or something? Just something to drive home the fact that this hit was harder than usual.

    - Maybe some of the larger missions could use some kind of mid-stage checkpoint? I get why free saves aren't present (and I actually appreciate not being tempted into save-scumming), but starting from scratch is brutally punishing on some of these maps.

    - And I'd love clearer indications about the requirements for earning stars. If I don't know how I fell short on a particular map, I can't know how to improve my rank.
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    • Uhmz

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      The damage (red) indicator flashes when a unit will score a crit on it's attack, but the effect is subtle and could probably do with some punching up. I don't notice it half the time. I agree that the effective/vulnerable could do with some work. I'm playing on Switch, so maybe an option to move a cursor over the unit images that will pop up the name of the unit as it's highlighted, or maybe have them listed on a separate page that is toggled by pressing L/R.
      • Razieluigi

        Razieluigi Poptop Tamer

        Oh wow -- I never noticed that. I'll check it out tonight.
        • lordolive

          lordolive Space Hobo

          I totally agree with the effective/vulnerable chart ! Every unit types already have a clear icon next to their name, they should use those instead of the portraits. There could be a setting to toggle between the icon and the portraits that would make me VERY happy :)
          • HairyBeast

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            I agree with the above points. I have the unit wiki page open when playing in order to quickly evaluate the effective/vulnerable effect of each unit before I make a move, which can be time consuming and reduces the momentum of battle.
            A condensed version of the unit effective/vulnerable info as per the wiki would be great feature on the game.
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            • True Freak

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              This is especially true when playing on Switch in handheld mode. It's nearly impossible to figure out what units are in the effective and vulnerable lists.

              Another idea would be to allow a selection box/cursor to hover over the units and show a view of their full map view art. Here's my mock-up of what that might look like.

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              • iani_ancilla

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                No new input to offer, just wanted to +1 this suggestion. I am partian to showing the type-icons as suggested by lordolive, as it's more immediate and requires less cursor use =)
                (switch player)
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                • HairyBeast

                  HairyBeast Poptop Tamer

                  Yes class icons would be much better than portraits, then it would quicker to evaluate the information needed in carrying out an effective battle. At the moment im studying the wiki page until I have memorised each units physical appearance and affective/vulnerable stats..

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