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Unique Intros? Interesting....

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Littleman9Mew2, Nov 5, 2016.


Should these unique race intros be finished and put into the game? (In a way that makes sense)

  1. Yes please!

  2. No thanks!

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  3. No, but as mod, yes!

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  1. Littleman9Mew2

    Littleman9Mew2 Zero Gravity Genie

    So I've been messing with a lot of stuff inside the files, and with that came cenimatics. The little cutscenes that are used for everything, including the loading screens. I was delving deeper and noticed something interesting. All the races (including penguin) have a unique introduction cenimatic included in them.

    However, it's very incomplete, and only the Floran, Avian and Human intros are finished. All the others seem to use the latter as placeholders. Not only that, they're even voiced, yes! They're have a fully voiced introduction, and even some of them (such as the floran) have interesting pronunciation. In the intro "Floran" (which my friends pronounce "Floor -an") is pronounced "Flow-ran", unfortunately, Novakids are not voiced and don't have anything. So then I looked further, some of the songs that we hear throughout our gameplay, are used in the intros as well, just a small snippet of it. The sounds used for Florans are unique as well, they sound more deeper and more of a growl than a hiss like growl used in game.

    I went and looked at the graphics used in the intros and holy [crap], the Florans are vastly different compared to the final art. I'll post an attachment for reference. Even the Hylotl has gone through some changes as well, but the only graphic I have is the one used in the introduction, but wow they look different. They have black eyes instead of the signature red. Even the ships are no where near to what was that of the final.

    I feel like this is the reason why the introduction felt....empty, because they are. the files are labeled as "intro.cinematic.disabled" recycling a lot from the an older format. The one that is used (called "intro.cinematic") is just nothing more than a black square covering the screen.

    I got bored and taken one of the Floran screenshots and updated it with the current look.

    The older shot


    The updated shot


    Should these be cleaned up and added into the game? (In a way that makes sense)
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2016
  2. Omegagreen

    Omegagreen Starship Captain

    Dunno what to think about these, they might be the kill or cure for backstories, depending on what they say.
  3. Shaadaris

    Shaadaris Giant Laser Beams

    Sorry to burst your bubble but these are ancient and were never implemented in any form other than unused files.
    No, every race gets the generic protectorate background now, unfortunately.
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  4. Littleman9Mew2

    Littleman9Mew2 Zero Gravity Genie

    (Wow, my head makes this sound a lot meaner than it really is. CURSE YOU BRAIN!)
    I know that these are unused and ancient due to the missing Novakid audio. The interesting part is the wiki uses these files to describe the races in the respective pages, and even the avian, floran pictures on their pages as well. So you could say that the audio is cannon because the wiki has it (but it is the wiki, so that's debatable).

    Hmmm, I could create a mod that reintroduces the intros, and give ones to the missing races.
    Penguin is in the list too lol.
  5. cooltv27

    cooltv27 Heliosphere

    I think they should finish them and put them into the game, even though they are 100 years old

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