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Outdated Underground Chocolate Biome Techest fix

An underground spawning biome made completely of chocolate!

  1. DoomFire

    DoomFire Existential Complex

    DoomFire submitted a new mod:

    Underground Chocolate Biome - An underground spawning biome made completely of chocolate!

    Read more about this mod...
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2014
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  2. RyuujinZERO

    RyuujinZERO Supernova

    At least... I hope it's chocolate.

    This bit tastes funny...


    (I love the attention to detail here, even having it's own "liquid")
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  3. Inny

    Inny Cosmic Narwhal

    Nice mod DoomFire, this biome looks yummy!
  4. LunaOculi

    LunaOculi Void-Bound Voyager

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  5. DoomFire

    DoomFire Existential Complex

    Wait! that's not ch~..... nevermind...

    But thank you. ^ - ^ I hope to eventually add a custom texture to the liquid, to give it a thicker look...
    ...Which will probably make it's slowing effect a little more apparent. ( I wonder if anyone has found that out yet. )

    Thank you! It tastes even better~

    First the biome, next... THE WOOOORRRRLLLD. ( Though, probably not honestly. )
  6. Xary

    Xary Big Damn Hero

    We need a chocolate rain weather...we just do...
  7. Inny

    Inny Cosmic Narwhal


    You may replace the content your worldgen.config with this :
        "__merge" : [
            //[ "overwrite", "dungeonWhitelist" ]
        "dungeonWhitelist" : [ "choccave" ]
    It comes from the Starbooze mod, and it should make your sub-biome compatible with the other ones, and update-proof.
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  8. DoomFire

    DoomFire Existential Complex

    Well, there is a chocolate liquid? Almost rain? Right? > ~ <

    Oh gosh, thank you so much! I was very worried about the compatibility, though whenever I added the __merge command, it wouldn't work at all.
    Though, the chocolate cave isn't a dungeon, it's an underground_detached biome. So would I be able to do something similar for that area? I would suspect so. I'll play around a little.
    Thank you again. ^ - ^
  9. Inny

    Inny Cosmic Narwhal

    Ah, yes, that's different but I hope there is something to do with this merge structure. A bit of research is needed.
  10. DoomFire

    DoomFire Existential Complex

    Yeah. I have been having a stab at it. But uh. I have been having a few issues. ^ ~ ^

    But fear not! I will not give in until I prevail. ^ - ^ I want nothing more then for my mod to be as compatible as possible!
  11. jayer31889

    jayer31889 Void-Bound Voyager

    Chocolate monsters have to be next.... ^_^
  12. DoomFire

    DoomFire Existential Complex

    I'll consider it. I haven't done any messing around with NPC's yet. Though I have started working on another resource that will likely be using NPC's, so if I figure it out in that, I will consider working on them in this mod.
    Though I do already have quite a bit of content pre-planned hehehe.
    I guess you'll just have to wait and see what I do. ^ - ^
    Thank you for your suggestion, and for downloading the mod~ hehehe. o u o
  13. Inny

    Inny Cosmic Narwhal

    I found my first chocolate biome and I must say it's pretty awesome.
  14. DoomFire

    DoomFire Existential Complex

    Thank you~ ^ - ^

    If you have any thoughts about it, feel free to share them.
    For example, the spawning algorithm for the decorative eggs and melted chocolate things made them spawn a seriously excessive amount originally and made the biome seem a little cluttered, it was actually the last thing I fixed just before releasing.
    So if you have any thoughts about things that could be tweaked / fixed. Feel free to mention it.
    If I consider it an issue I will change it in the next update. Which will be as soon as I figure out that gosh darn __merge thing. Everything I have tried thus far has resulted in either the game crashing or the biome failing to spawn.

    But yeah. Thank you very much for your feedback. ^ - ^
  15. crazygreggy

    crazygreggy Phantasmal Quasar

    I'd suggest " The Candyman " for your NPC . This is such a great idea . I wish more games had my favourite substance in them . Maybe a bee biome....oh yeah : someone snagged that notion already < sneeze terraria snuffle > . Coffee plants , eh ? Hmmm , Coffee Creams would be nice . Kahlua falls , bubbling liquid chocolate pools near the magma layer , choc golems ( why fight the urge , just reach in and start to eat as it tries to run away ! ) LOL ! Loving the idea .
  16. DoomFire

    DoomFire Existential Complex

    Thank you for all your suggestions. ^ - ^
    I assume coffee creams are basically little coffee chocolates? That would take me like 5 minutes to add. ^ - ^ So that would be really easy. I did want to implement some actual foods that involved coffee beans, as it's solely used for drinks at the moment.
    If I do add anything, it will be pushed in the next update, when I figure out the merge thing.

    I actually originally had an idea about making a chocolate golem / a melted chocolate vanity costume using the original textures of the poop golem. I honestly don't think it would be much of a step from that to adding it to the biome. So I will take a look at that too. ^ - ^

    But thank you very much! I hope you enjoy the mod. ^ - ^
  17. crazygreggy

    crazygreggy Phantasmal Quasar

    More food ideas ? Sure ! Choc coated coffee beans ( dark and milk choc . ) Chocolate Banana's , Chocolate pie , Chocolate cake , coffee cake , Chocolate Truffles ( really something a Shroomster would like as its a choc coated Mushroom ) , Chocolate starfish ( really , just a shape but one for the Hylotls . ) Chocolate bars with fruit ( we have grapes so sultanas , raisins ) Cupcakes ( both Choc and coffee iced ) . Should eggs get implemented then souffle , mousse , pancakes with chocolate filling , White Chocolate pie . ( We really need coconuts too ) . And , yes , Coffee Creams are little chocolates with coffee fondant centers . ( I really do think about other things than chocolate , you know )
  18. Inny

    Inny Cosmic Narwhal

    Craftable chocolate fountains. Woooow! :)
  19. DoomFire

    DoomFire Existential Complex

    Woah woah woah. Alright. Notes taken. Than-q Mr ideas guy~ o u o When I can I will look at what I would like to implement. I want to keep all the consumables balanced and simple. So while I may add a few more, I doubt I will add too many for this specific biome.

    Yep. ^ - ^ It's my favourite furniture item I added, admittedly~ hehehe
  20. Inny

    Inny Cosmic Narwhal

    Well, I'd suggest a chocolate bath then. :D
    Maybe move on to a world of caramel after this ? Or milk ? ^^

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