Unable to play local multiplayer (PC/Steam)

Discussion in 'Support' started by One Eyed Jackal, Jan 4, 2019.

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    First time trying to play Stardew Valley with the wife. Two copies; separate steam accounts.

    The end result is either "Connection failed" or "The server has closed the connection" depending on which join method is used. In some cases we can get to the choose-new-player-slot (as per cabin) choice screen, but never get any farther (no character creation screen reached).

    Just to test, I tried launching another steam game. I am able to host a server and she is able to join without issue. Please help me figure out what we can do to get this game working.
    • Both Windows 10 (v. 17763)
    • One network connection via ethernet; one network connection via wifi
    • Both steam builds (...820)
    • Both game buildIDs (...766)
    ☑ Unblocked TCP/UDP ports 24642 & 49578
    ☑ Unblocked Steam ports
    ☑ Disabled Windows Defender firewall (it is the only AV installed)
    ☑ Verified integrity of game files
    ☑ Can successfully ping each other via cmd prompt
    ☑ Restarted both PCs
    ☑ Downloaded and installed Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables and for Visual Studio 2015 variants in both x64 and x86 formats
    ☑ Tried hosting from each computer separately
    ☑ Tried joining via menu, steam invitation, invitation code, and IP address
    ☑ Ensured that there are available cabins (2 free cabins)
    • One Eyed Jackal

      One Eyed Jackal Intergalactic Tourist

    • One Eyed Jackal

      One Eyed Jackal Intergalactic Tourist

      Update bump: The game works when the laptop is connected via ethernet, so it must be a router issue. However, since other games work over wifi, it must be an issue between the game and/or router. I've never had to unblock ports for other games, but I've set TCP/UDP port triggering on 49578 and 24642-24648. Anything that I'm missing here?

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