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    According to rumor—perhaps sourced from those familiar with the actual source code but if so I have no idea—the ultra-rare owl statue (not the one for sale at The Night Market) requires "50 spaces" to occur. Does anyone have any idea whether or not this means a 50x50 area or simply a scarecrow-like cluster of 50 spaces? Because if it's 50x50 that's a brutally debilitating proportion of the farm to keep clear for a .001% chance event that even when triggered can fall anywhere on the farm and fail from even squiggly worms that have spawned (or—please don't have this be the case—Clay you wouldn't even know is there unless you dig up the entire area you're trying to keep clear, every single day…?), but if it's a 50 round, that's pretty doable to at least let lay idle and keep clear of visible objects hoping it falls within there eventually. I saw DF's YouTube on it and the Capsule but he didn't specify and I couldn't find anything in the comments, either.
    • One More Day

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      It's just 50 random tiles

      50x50 is about two thirds of the whole farm and would be impossible; the largest rectangle is something like 30x60 even on the standard map, the other layouts much smaller
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        I was pacing it out and I guess you're right: 50x50's actually impossible because of the lower lake and greenhouse (default map). I apologize for such an obvious question, then! I had paced out 25 from the lower-left corner and was like wait, is this _supposed_ to be _this_ gigantic of an area for this thing?! It's actually impossible that it would *chortle*

        Welp, I'm off to pass what's likely to be a hideous amount of time hoping it appears *"cheerful" wave*

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