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    Ok a sort of random idea, but how cool would it be for there to be large hostile creatures that attack everything from the player to smaller creatures.

    basically think T-rex sized monsters, that roam both land and air that do heavy damage and have large amounts of health, but are easy to kill as they are limited in movement and drop large amounts of special items.

    example ideas

    mega rex
    info: a large creature about the size of a small space ship, seen mostly on desert planets, this creature will ignore the player in favor of its local prey but be warned if you attack it, it holds 3 devastating attacks. Its primary attack is a bite attack that will chomp down on the player dealing 90% of a none armored players health in damage, along with this it rarely will try to eat its attacker resulting in an instantly "fatal" attack in which it devours the hostile though this is not out right deadly the hostile is still alive and can damage it but will be taking poison and fire damage until it is dead. (so yeah dangerous in single player but in multiplayer allies by firing on the thing). the third attack this monstrous beast would have would be a fire ball attack that it will use on targets out of range of its bite, while not as devastating this attack is large in size about the size of a large snowball item

    rex scale (used to craft a cosmetic armor that makes player look like a green lizard man/woman or something)
    steak 5-10x
    ribs 2-6x
    scared hunter (Rare, requires tribe village on same planet, acts as shop sells spear weapons + poison water)

    info: the front half of a shark(any shark mob) the back half of a tentacle horror, this beast is found both on poisoned and standard ocean planets (immune to poison) though it is more likely to run into it on a poisoned planet the shark-t-pus is a slow swimmer but it has 6 specialized tentacles to spear its prey making it a large threat to run into underwater, like the mega rex it is not hostile to the player out right unlike the rex it becomes hostile the moment the player gets close to it. The shark-t-pus has only 2 attacks thoughs being its tentacles and a bite attack, the tentacles are pretty low damage but fast in attack (can cut them off with gun fire or melee), while its bite can one hit even a mid game armored player, just be thankful it is a slow swimmer.

    tentacle hook (grapple hook with more range and multi use, rare)
    fish meat 5-20x
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    i think they're already planning giant randomly generated mobs, actually. there was a blog post ages ago with one.

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