Ultimate hard mode: Permadeath

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Would you play permadeath possible mode?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Maybe if it had additional rewards for risk

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  4. Maybe just to see it happen

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  1. seth0et0holth

    seth0et0holth Star Wrangler

    Seriously. As absolutely punishing as this sounds, this idea is to make it where your farmer has a small chance of permanently dying - and with doing so, your entire save file gets wiped and you must start the game over.

    How it could happen - a couple ideas:

    Passing out in the Mines: Either the levels past 100 of the first mine, or any level of the Calico Desert mine. You have a much larger chance of waking up in the doctor's office with missing items, but a tiny chance of that being The End for good.

    Suicide: Either you drink 20 alcoholic bevs back to back, or eat 15 poppies in a row, or sit on all the mega bombs you can put on screen. This gives you an 0.1 chance of dying with save file delete.

    Broken Heart: You divorce or turn your kids into doves or (if meat is introduced) turn an animal into meat yourself. 0.1 chance of dying with save file delete the next day.
    • Roskii Heiral

      Roskii Heiral Heliosphere

      Sorry, I don't see this as that kind of game.
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      • Cemo

        Cemo Phantasmal Quasar

        Yeah, no.
        Wtf is wrong with you.
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        • Roskii Heiral

          Roskii Heiral Heliosphere

          No need to be hostile to the OP

          Its a unique idea, I just don't see it as fitting well with the current game.
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          • _PandorasBox_

            _PandorasBox_ Sandwich Man

            Doesn't really fit into the game. The main focus of the game is farming, the rest of the gameplay are just little things that you can do in your free time ( But ultimately do not need to do if you really don't want to, it makes it easier in the long run, but you don't have to ) .
            It works for Minecraft, because it isn't just farming. It's fighting, building, surviving. Stardew is just a simple farming game with some things added into it for spice.
            Not to mention, but the 'suicide' thing is kinda insensitive, and doesn't make sense, since some people are able to drink and eat that much and be perfectly fine after throwing up.
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            • bobucles

              bobucles Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              Permadeath is for roguelikes, dorfy, and action games.

              The only permadeath that makes sense is getting old after 5-20 years and having to start over.
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              • Charlatan

                Charlatan Parsec Taste Tester

                Well, I may hate hurting animals but dropping dead from grief, due to meat, is one whole new level of vegetarian. :nurutease:
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                • Surenu

                  Surenu The End of Time

                  Only if we get a really heart-wrenching cutscene for each villager, based on their heart level, and a funeral. Then I'd die just so I could see it.
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                  • Jayfeather980

                    Jayfeather980 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                    I could see "Game Over" Reset to the title screen being plausible. (You would just restart the day "Groundhog's Day" style.) Having you health reach 0, (also maybe letting yourself be hit by a train) would trigger "game over"

                    Animals have been slaughtered for food since prehistory, being so far removed from where your meat comes from is a recent phenomenon. I think people likely had more respect for meat and the animals from which it came when they still had that connection. If animal slaughter were to be introduced this would be a theme that should be central to it. We tend to add insult to injury when we claim something is "Soulless" to justify killing it, as if we want to forget that we too must one day cross over into death...

                    That being said, a random RNG event that wipes your save file isn't even really hard so much as its arbitrary and unfair. It's one thing in a game that makes this a core part of the game. The parts of SDV could result in "death" aren't even central to the game, so yeah "Groundhog's Day" is fine, or just keep it the way it is.
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                    • nash579

                      nash579 Astral Cartographer

                      How often do you die in this game? You can consume food without anything disturbing you. Time literally freezes
                      while you heal yourself in the mine. You can pretty much run from anything. This game is just not designed to offer
                      a challenge around death and unless the whole game get redesigned to be more of an action adventure a permadeathfeature
                      is abundant.

                      P.s. A hack and slash experience with farming as a backgroundexperience and a serious
                      death-function would be pretty cool but not stardewvalley.
                      • Ambaaargh

                        Ambaaargh Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

                        Yah, like most folks have mentioned in various ways...I don't really see a perma-death feature being quite as popular or jive with most of the aesthetic people have when it comes to SDV. Like games like Starbound or Terraria or Minecraft and whatnot there is a bit of survival focus in those games...it makes more sense. There is a sense of exploration, and a sense of "I need to build in order to protect myself/my stuff" arms race against your environment. Or the Sims where you overlord your characters and death is an aspect built in and around the game in a very unique way. But Stardew is at its heart a farming sim and not really designed to have that threat of death/consequences looming over one's head. I feel any real genuine attempts to add those elements would end up changing the dynamic of the game way in a way that would not only feel very disjointed...but also not very fun. There are certainly a great deal of really well done games that impliment survival, but I don't really feel its a good fit for Stardew.

                        At the very most, if folks wanted to they could always just do a pact that if they died in the mines/stayed up past 2, they had to delete their save file. But implimenting a whole bunch of death mechanics would be I feel a lot of work for not really all that enjoyable a benefit.
                        • Roskii Heiral

                          Roskii Heiral Heliosphere

                          I kinda play more "adventurously" than others, I don't focus on farming (except bee hives and apple trees) and mostly produce mead. So I usually have more time to fight around in the caves and stuff, but I still don't see a need for perma-death.
                          • Surenu

                            Surenu The End of Time

                            Not to mention that the methods of killing animals for food have grown more humane over the centuries. Nowadays, animals are stunned before they're killed. I do the same with fish I catch IRL (it's also dictated by law): Stun them, then kill them. First time was hard, but not impossible. Fish have eyes too, and some look at you in that silly way they do, and for a moment you might think they're cute.

                            But then...

                            ...then you remember how good they taste. And you unfold that knife. And then you stab it right into the heart. Quick, painless, clean, efficient. Same can be done to larger animals. I actually got to visit the local slaughterhouse when I was a teen and witness a pig getting slaughtered. It's really not as bad as it sounds. All it did to me was respect the meat I buy more, so I make sure to use it all and don't throw anything away.

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