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    Was curious if there was ever going to be an ultimate skill for each class?

    After thinking about it, having an ultimate version of each skill would be pretty cool. The issue with what I am suggesting is that in MP, the soul charges are not separated per player.

    Elaboration Here:

    Will post more ideas as I have time, just started with Sorc for now. Let me know what you think!

    With the Sorcerer, the ultimate versions of the skills would mainly apply to the Secondary ATK and DEF skills.

    Skill ----------- Ultimate Version

    Secondary ATK Skills

    Meteor ----------- Meteor Storm (Conjures 1+[skill level] meteors to bombard the earth)

    Ice Nova ------------ Ice Shatter (Shatter ice shards into splinters around you [Chance to penetrate 30% + [10% per skill level]* Guaranteed Freeze *[360 AoE]]

    Boulder ------------ Earthquake (Slam down on the Earth around you, causing tremors [High chance to stun/slow - damage increased by (25% per skill level])

    Chain Lightning --------- Super Conductor (Channel Lightning into yourself to become a living conduit [For 2secs + (1s per skill level) you spark nearby enemies]

    Main DEF Skills

    Dragon's Breath --------- Dragon's Inferno
    (Unleash an inner fire, scorching the Earth and leaving a burning ember [AoE cone increased slightly (further), lingering fire effect that burns for [10% per skill level] per 1 sec for 5 secs]

    Ice Shield ------------ Blizzard Shield (Conjures a blizzard around [1+ (1 per skill level)] party members that causes [15% + (5% per skill level) per second for 2s + (1s per skill level)] enemies around them to take damage and slow.)

    Rock Ward -------------- Rock Armor (Conjures a layer of solid rock around [1+(1 per skill level)] party members that negates all damage and reflects (if possible) [5% + (2.5% per skill level) damage] Lasts for 2 secs + (1 sec per skill level))

    Energize ---------------- Static Cling (Instead of teleporting out of danger, you harness static electricity to slam opponents into each other. [Medium AoE effect, pulls enemies to a central location and stuns for (.5s per skill level)]


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