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    Playing on big monitor from close - HP bar too small, takes too much time to shift your view from character to HP bar and back to character, so you can't check your HP in combat.

    I play on a big monitor from close up, like a lot of people.

    As a player takes maybe 1.5 seconds for me to shift my view from my character to the top left (health bar) - process the information and shift the view back to my character.

    I play exclusively on hardcore mode - other modes are not interesting to me.

    That 1.5 sec that it takes to look at your hp makes it extremely hard to play, because when I receive damage I have to make a snap call to retreat and heal or to continue fighting. And I have to make that snap call without knowing how much HP I have left, because I cannot afford the 1.5 sec to look at my HP mid combat.

    Or even worse yet - since I don't see the HP bar in my periphery without conciously shifting my view to look at it - god forbid I start explorting / fighting with low HP remaining.

    This minor UI detail almost completely ruins the entire game experience as a hardcore player for me. Every 10 sec I have to do a mental paranoia check "What's my HP? What's my HP?" so I don't run into a fight with 30% HP and every time I take 1-2 hits in combat I have to.. "Ok, I don't know what's my HP, and I can't check, because I would take 2 more hits in that 1.5 sec it takes me to shift my view, so I better just retreat from melee range to a safe range and then look at my HP. Oh ok, it's at 70%? Wasted my time, let's go back into the fight".

    Anyway, it's really really stupid.
    Almost completely ruins the game for me as a hardcore player.

    At the very least it should have ability to upscale UI to like 3x the size, just maybe it would be visible in the periphery then.

    A much better solution would be an option to show character HP bar (and maybe other bars as well) directly above the character. Then I could see it in my periphery while fighting and wouldn't have to waste any time shifting my view at all.

    To expand on this,

    existence of mods like these:


    Proove that I am not the only one who sees this as a problem.
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