Tx10 power armor request

Discussion in 'Gear and Items' started by Futz205, Apr 4, 2021.

  1. Futz205

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    After reading some of the information about this armor I ask any devs who see this or anyone with connection to them please can we get the power armor back with it's original design or even just to take the first design of the armor and make it a cosmetic just like with the pathfinder set could we please get the original armor look ( the design with the golden visor and black helmet with yellow stripes down the front) and I understand that's a lot to ask for but me and my friend really like to travel the world of starbound while looking awesome at the same time so again if anyone agrees with me please help me get this through to the devs
    And again this may be childish of me just because I don't like modding but it would really just be a really nice thing to see in the game .

    -your friendly gamer Futz205

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