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Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by AlanJustAlan, Jun 5, 2018.

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    So I have Had around 51 hours on a multiplayer farm that had not been used for having more than 1 player until I had another player join in at around 50. As a joke once I found the marriage ring recipe, made it, and I asked her to marry me in game even though I already had Abigail as a NPC wife. It said it would take 3 days until the marriage ceremony and the day went like normal. At the first night I was in the cutscene to marry Abigail again and I had to restart the game because it was stuck on the "waiting for players 1/2". Yet everything proceeded as normal except that Abigail thought we had just got married yet still had 13/12 hearts... The second day same thing happened except "Goldifsh", the other player, was in the crowd and everything went normally for a marriage cutscene with Abigail again... that day it showed "Goldfish" as my girlfreind with the banquet item next too her name. Abigail also thought we just got married again. The 3rd day was the same as the last one yet "Goldfish" said that she was looking at the playground instead of the marriage cutscene... Then in the house we spawned on eachother at the main houses front porch and I noticed it said I had Abigail as a wife with the mermaid pendant and "Goldfish" with the Wedding Ring... So far nothing has broken aside from that. Also the last 2 days in the marriage ordeal Abigail stayed in bed the whole day twice...
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      I guess she found out the truth and is now depressed lol
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