[TUTORIAL] Make a matter manipulator hologram in your desktop!

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    Hello there! I am Caloxeno, and this is a tutorial of how to make a matter manipulation hologram for the desktop!

    This will not involve any commercial software or technique. Doing this is 100% free and legal.

    This will only work on Windows.

    Stuff we are going to need:
    -Rainmeter (Software)
    -Rainmeter's hologram skin
    -My version of whatsthis7's matter manipulator model

    The first thing we are going to do is to download the Rainmeter installer from their official website: https://www.rainmeter.net/

    Then, we are opening the installer, and making a standard installation. A message saying "Do you want to let this app make changes in your computer?" may appear. If it appears, make sure to click "Yes".

    After a few seconds, rainmeter should be installed.

    Note that some ugly "Widgets" will appear on the desktop. To kill them, just right click on them and select "Unload skin". You will have to do this for each "Widget".

    Now, we must download the Hologram skin for rainmeter from here: https://killall-q.deviantart.com/art/Hologram-590866523

    Once the file is downloaded, we have to open it, and click "Install". Now we have the Hologram skin in rainmeter.

    Note that a hologram from an earth will appear in top of everything. Don't worry, after you maximize any application, it will be on the desktop forever.

    Now, you must go to the following link to download my version of whatsthis7's manipulator model: https://mega.nz/#!BZkkkK7K!KnYhntWFlkYdhH9hiMe-VwpdOUf4n3rwSGCmyoCdOtI

    IMPORTANT: Make sure to click the gray button that says "Download with browser"

    Now you have everything you need.

    The next step is to get the path of the obj file and copy it

    Here's an example of a path:


    After you have it in your clipboard, you must minimize everything until you only have your desktop in front of you. Then, put your mouse on the earth hologram; Some buttons should appear. Click the settings button (It looks like a gear), and in the field of "File", delete the default path and paste the path in your clipboard. After that, hit enter.

    Finally, make sure to set the edge interpolation to at least 2x, and then find and click the "Load" button.

    After this, you should also set the rotation to "On".

    WARNING: Edge interpolation's option is not a toy. If you set a high value that your PC could not handle, it could crash rainmeter forever.

    There are some others options to play with, like the color option (Which seems to not work, at least for me), or the angle.

    Here's a video I made, where I may explain a bit better the process:

    Thanks for reading! Comment any questions!

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  2. Oddbrother

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    Surely there's a panic button or reset method somewhere.
  3. Tonko

    Tonko Subatomic Cosmonaut

    If there is, I didn't find it. I had to reinstall rainmeter many times before I realized that was a dangerous option.

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