TUTORIAL: How to date/marry a non-datable NPC?

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  1. Kaperoo

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    Hey, in this tutorial i will teach you how to marry an non-datable NPC like Robin.

    1. Marry Penny or another "datable" person. Your choice must be the same gender as your non-datable NPC.
    2. Save your game.
    2,5. (recommended) Download Save editor from http://community.playstarbound.com/...-inventory-editor-thanks-to-midgetman.108255/
    3. Open Save editor, load your save game and click "Show XML"
    4. Copy all text from XML window.
    5. Go to %appdata% -> StardewValley -> Saves -> Your save game that you loaded in editor.
    6. Open file named *yourname*_*randomnubers* with notepad++ (or other text editor)
    7. Delete all content inside and replace with this from Editor
    8. Search (Ctrl + F) *datable character that you married a while ago*. it should look like this:
    9. Change *datable character that you married a while ago* to *choiced non-datable NPC* like Robin.
    10. Search for *choiced non-datable NPC*, and replace it name with **datable character that you married a while ago*. If you don't do this NPC can double each other, disappear or damage your savegame.

    That's it! if you have any questions, ask me!

    1.Yes, it just replaces NPC textures and day cycle. Dialogues will be the same.
    2.If you marry carpenter or blacksmith, you can't upgrade your tools/farm or buy in pierre's store.
    3.Non-datable NPC are not maked to get married so there's be a texture glitches on huging and festival's.
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    • Afterscore

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      This is a really simple and potentially save damaging edit. Changing variables in your save file without correcting the right strings is never a good thing. Simply switching two chunks of text won't solve it, you need to edit the marriage strings, you need to put the NPC's you're moving into their correct Positions and edit their default positions.

      Not doing these things has a chance at breaking NPCs and even your save file.
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      • Kaperoo

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        Yep, i know, but it works fine.
        • Afterscore

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          Don't do this guys.
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          • Eldgrim

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            :( ..b.but but...if I don't, no Robin.....
            • LuthienNightwolf

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              There's a mod out there that makes everyone marriagable, look up Siv's Marriage Mod. I'm not sure if Robin is included in that but might be worth checking out, much less damaging to your save.

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