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    Hello everyone! Brand new member here... Woo and yay!

    So, I'm not sure if this is an appropriate thread for this section! (do feel free to delete if not, dear moderators!)
    I have recently started a Stardew playthough video series on YouTube (Yeah, super original, I know...) and would love some feedback and critique from anyone who may wish to take a gander n.n It is still early days, and I am always looking to better myself and my content! Also, if there are other Stardew Youtubers on here, please do feel free to make yerself known so I can make yer acquaintence!! I would love to meet more of the community and watch your playthroughs, become buddies, share tips and tricks etc... n.~

    Anyway, here is the link to my channel below, and my first episode (There are six at time of writing). Thank you so much for your time and for reading, and am looking forward to getting more familiar with the forum in the coming days. Peace & Love to you all!

    Neep. x

    P.S. Loving the status titles... I've always wanted to be a mop! Woop.

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      Hey folks! Here's the rest of the Episodes so far! (Which I TOTALLY forgot to add... Such a space cadet!)

      Episode 2:

      Episode 3:

      Episode 4:

      Episode 5:

      Thank you so much for looking!! Much love to y'all and have a blessed weekend!!
      <3 n.n x
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        Turnip Head Aquatic Astronaut

        ... And the rest!! :O

        Episode 6:

        Episode 7:

        Episode 8:

        Episode 9 (EGG FESTIVAL!):


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