RELEASED Tudor-Style Farmhouses (Recolour)

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    Who wants to live in a Tudor-style house but can't find or indeed afford one in real life? I do, I do! Now, through the magic of pixels, I can--and so can you!

    This mod provides recolours for all three farmhouses and a steel recolour of the greenhouse exterior. There are two versions of the biggest farmhouse upgrade: classic style and ornate style.

    To use this mod, simply choose which final farmhouse you want and rename the file to houses.xnb, then back up and replace your houses.xnb file in your Content\Buildings folder. No SMAPI required.

    I've also uploaded it to Nexus if anyone prefers to download there.

    Known Issues:
    -None currently. Please let me know if you find any.

    Changes in v1.1
    -Added windowboxing lines that were missing from the classic final farmhouse in v1.0
    -Fixed a missing pixel on all doors that was bothering me

    Pics below! (Sorry about the rain. I have no one else at that upgrade level or time to play through the day right now.)

    Tudor Houses (Classic).png Tudor Houses (Ornate).png

    Starter.png Upgraded.png Classic.png Ornate.png Greenhouse Broken.png Greenhouse Fixed.png

    (I hate to have to say this, but some people can't be trusted to respect the work the modding community does, so...
    WARNING: Do not download this mod from any place other than NexusMods or the Chucklefish forums! WWW.STARDEWVALLEYMODS.NET STEALS MODS AND UPLOADS THEM ON THEIR WEBSITE WITHOUT PERMISSION. DO NOT download any mods there! If you see my mods anywhere other than Nexus or the forums, please link me to the site ASAP. Thank you!)

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      Very nice, I'll have to set one of these up with an English cottage garden alongside.
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      • Seismothesaurus

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        Thank you! Would love to see screenshots when you do.

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