Trying to get back into Stardew again

Discussion in 'Mods' started by DesertEskimo, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. DesertEskimo

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    So Ive been playing other games like monster hunter world for example, but I wanted to get back into Stardew again. I had to do a fresh install of windows so I had to redownload all the mods I had used before again, but now for some reason smapi just stops loading. I dont know what the cause is but if I remove all the mods it opens Stardew, and I would rather not test out all the mods I have separately to see which is the cause.
    Supposedly, it just shows smapi has 4 errors while the mods are ok? I know almost all these mods worked before I stopped playing. I may have added around 10 more mods as well as taken mods that stopped getitng updated out, but besides that, I would assume they would work. Even if they didnt, I would at least expect Stardew to open up. Any help would be appreciated.
    • Moragaine

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      @DesertEskimo From looking at your log, it looks like the game is still loading things; in fact It looks like it's choking on Custom Music - try removing that and see if it completes the loading process.
      • minervamaga

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        Custom Music is converting the ogg files to wav, which takes forever. You can go into its config and turn Convert from true to false. Alternatively, add one pack at a time and let it sit for a while to convert the files. After converting all of them, turn the convert option to false.

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