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    Hi guys! This is my first post here, so I'll cut right to the chase.

    I'm attempting to make an unofficial guide to Stardew Valley that will be in a PDF file so players can have quick knowledge about the game without needing to navigate through the wiki.

    I plan on dividing it into approximately 7 categories, five of which will cover the five skills, one will cover things such as crafting and bundles, and the last will cover the villagers and marriage.

    1. Farming - How to farm, list of farming resources, tools, etc.
    2. Mining - How to mine, list of mine levels, tools etc. (Might link with Combat)
    3. Foraging - How to forage, where to find resources, tools, etc.
    4. Fishing - How to fish, where to find certain fish, tools, etc
    5. Combat - How to fight monsters, how to get special items, etc. (Might link with combat)
    6. Crafting & Bundles - Lists the bundles, what resources are needed to make items, etc. (Might link with Socializing)
    7. Socializing - Villagers, marriage, children, village related things go here. (Might link with Crafting & Bundles)
    There might be another category or two based on other parts of the game, but I plan on covering the essential parts at the moment. If you would like to help contribute or organize this guide, feel free to let me know here, through my email address, or through my Tumblr account, Tokillapromqueen.

    Otherwise, I hope that I can provide you guys a guide that will help you make the best farms you can!
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      I assume that animals will be a sub-category of farming and crab pots be a small sub-section for fishing. Good luck with the guide. Let us know if you have it done or at least a draft so we can help improve it.
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