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WIP TrueGamersMod

Discussion in 'Weapons, Armor and Clothes' started by Guardian Of Eden, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. Guardian Of Eden

    Guardian Of Eden Poptop Tamer

    True Gamers Mod

    Hello everyone! This mod I have started recently is made for game lovers everywhere! We all have that one game series; the one we absolutely love. It is my goal to go back to some of the more popular known games, such as Legend of Zelda, and recreate the armor and weapons to be found within them.

    What games will you be recreating armors and weapons for?
    > I intend to implement items from some of the more popular game series!

    How will we be able to obtain these weapons?
    > You will be able to craft a Gamer's Crafting Table in which you can create these weapons and armor. The recipes will involve new as well as currently implemented crafting materials. The recipes will be unlocked via tiers (the ones currently implemented). As there will be multiple items from different games, the items will be placed into different tiers. So lets say I implement keyblades from Kingdom Hearts and then unlock tier 2 items. You will then be able to craft any keyblade I have set to Tier 2, with the rest needing higher upgrade tiers.

    As of right now, the mod is still early in development, as I am just getting started into modding the game. However, I will keep you updated on my current and future plans as I work on this.

    I will leave you with the first weapon i designed so far, the Kingdom Keyblade from Kingdom hearts so you can picture how I will be designing these. I hope my work on this mod will help you enjoy your Starbound experience even more! Thanks for taking a peek!


    Plans: (Green = Completed, Yellow = WIP, Red = Planned)

    Kingdom Hearts Keyblades
    Legend of Zelda Weapons / Armor

    Have a Suggestion? Leave a comment and let me know what items from games you would like me to implement! As I become more experienced, I can start working on more advanced stuff, but I am currently new, so go easy on me.!

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