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Bug/Issue Tree Planting Bug

Discussion in 'Support' started by ElSkullkido, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. ElSkullkido

    ElSkullkido Guest

    This is an old bug from the initial 1.1 update, which I had posted about previously but has not been fixed yet since checking the game again just today. It may have existed prior to 1.1, though was easily noticed on the forest farm when starting that up.

    When planting trees, of any kind, [maple, oak, pine] there's an inconsistency in the ground tiles that you can place them on, which is most notably relevant in the forest farmstead, though is also an issue with the riverland and hilltop farm, and any location in which these specific ground tiles exist.

    Trees cannot be planted on any light-green grass tiles, though can be planted on the dark-green grass, and any dirt tile, regardless of their unique textures.

    The only instance in which you can plant a tree on the light-green grass, is if there's a minor texture difference such as the small tufts of grass. All of this is shown in the screenshot, with which tiles can and cannot be placed on.

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    OS : Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

    Build ID : 1949708

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