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Trapped in Secret Woods

Discussion in 'Support' started by Feyd, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. Feyd

    Feyd Intergalactic Tourist

    My friend is the host, and I am a farmhand on her farm. Each day when I go into the secret woods to chop down the logs in there I get trapped in the secret woods map. When I go to exit the area on the right my character just keeps on going, even beyond the boundaries of the map. I am able to move around, off-screen, and come back into the secret woods map area. The only way to escape is to exit to title and re-enter her farm. When I log in again, I am in my cabin, with all my items but there is also a strange thing that happens. Approximately 50% of the time my energy bar is completely refilled, even if I am close to exhaustion; the other half of the time when I log back in I still have the same energy as I did when I got trapped. The host has never had this problem and can enter/leave just fine.
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    • Feyd

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