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Bug/Issue Transformation into the Distortion Sphere is impossible! IMPORTANT!!!

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by CrackReaper, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. CrackReaper

    CrackReaper Space Hobo

    I created a new character in Starbound and now I have a problem:
    I played until the moment, you can accept the quest with the Distortion Sphere and I did it and gave the 10 gold bars.. BUT as soon as you are in this challange room, you can't transform into the ball, because it has a really huge bug! The normal key to transform is the "F" but if u press it, nothing happens, so u have to press "SPACE" + "F"
    together to transform. This is the reason because if you press "S" or "BEND" (sorry im German) + "F" you teleport you to the cursor! You can that this bug has to do with the ball because before it doesn't work and after that challange room before you finish the quest you can't teleport also, because you don't have the Distortion Sphere at this moment!!!
    And I tested it also with a really new character. At the beginning everything is ok, but as soon as I want to do the quest, the bug appears and I can teleport through the whole map...! I can teleport out of the space ship, too! Admin has also nothing to do with that shit. :nurusad:
    I use no mods and didnt use some

    Extra for this, I uploaded a video on YouTube:

    I hope you fix this because it is really irritating if this happens all the time and I can't play Starbound :(

    I use Windows 10 and before half a year this never happened :/, so I have no idea, what happened in this time

    - CrackReaper
  2. tehcavy

    tehcavy Pangalactic Porcupine

    This is definetly not a default behaviour. Can you show us the starbound.log file?
  3. lolmatter0

    lolmatter0 Space Hobo

    I also have this issue, I think it's a case of them forgetting to update the info text, you can no clip with f + w, or might be a moded thing. I play with FU, and w edit

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