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    The competitors of Total Drama have one last opportunity to win a major prize on a bigger All-Star celebration. Chris brings back 18 fan favorites and 6 newbies to compete. Total Drama The Concluding Catastrophe.png
    Destiny - Newbie.
    Tyler - Seasons 1 and 3.
    Dakota - Season 4.
    Topher - Season 6.
    Dawn - Season 4.
    Scott - Seasons 4 and 5.
    Audry - Newbie .
    Sean - Newbie.
    Justin - Seasons 1 and 2.
    Sky - Season 6.
    Ezekiel - Seasons 1 and 3.
    Jasmine - Season 6.

    Gwen - Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 5. Season 1 Winner.
    Ben - Newbie.
    Shawn - Season 6. Season 6 Winner.
    Leshawna - Seasons 1, 2 and 3.
    Lindsay - Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 5.
    Leonard - Season 6.
    Mike - Seasons 4 and 5. Season 5 Winner.
    Geoff - Seasons 1 and 2.
    Alex - Newbie
    Zoey - Seasons 4 and 5.
    Izzy - Seasons 1, 2 and 3.
    Madison - Newbie

    Now let's give you all a great idea about the newbies this season.
    Concluding Catastrophe Newbies.png
    Audry - Audry is an idiot, even bigger than Lindsay. She's a caring person and wants to make friends. However her social skills aren't great with her personality. She signed up because she thinks she can be Kim Kardashian.
    Ben - Ben is a friendly jock who signed up to win some money. He is fairly shy so he hopes he can make some friends. He's a soft person but easily annoyed.
    Alex - Alex is a loud outgoing person. He prefers to hang out with girls and is rather feminine. He wants to win the money to brag to his friends and he wants to be villainous.
    Destiny - Destiny is a bit of a loner, like how Zoey was. She's independent and selfless. She'd do anything to help anyone, she doesn't believe in making enemies or holding grudges. She wants to have fun.
    Madison - Madison seems like the nice, friendly model. She's a whole different person. She's a drug addict and is suffering depression. She wants the million to become the best drug dealer, but her mother wants her to win the money for therapy. Will Madison sort her problems out?
    Sean - Sean is Heather's brother. He wanted to sign up on the show to compete with his sibling, who unfortunately didn't make it into this season. He wants to make it far like Heather did, but he wants to be nice and fair. He's not completely selfish, but he puts himself first at some opportunities.

    I'm already loving this cast and I haven't even started yet! = 22/02/2017



    24. Justin - He was extremely rude and salty to his team, so they voted him off for it.
    23. Audry - She quit to save Ezekiel because she fell in love with him when Leonard healed him from his feral form.
    22. Tyler - Lindsay dumped him over a minor misunderstanding so he cost the challenge.

    1. Bigger All-Star Celebration!
    2. Oh my Smurf!
    3. Boats and Hoes!
    4. Valuable is an Understatement!
    5. A Volcano is no Mountain!
    6. Master Cooks and Master Crooks!
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    Episode 1.png

    Chris McLean stood on the dock on a new island.
    "Welcome viewers to our final season of Total Drama!" Chris announced, "yes, sadly this is out final season. However we're bringing back 18 fan favorites and 6 newbies for one final shot at a million dollars! We're gonna introduce the contestants now!"
    Chris had all the veterans on the dock.
    "Welcome back to Tyler, Dakota, Topher, Dawn, Scott, Justin, Ezekiel, Sky, Jasmine, Gwen, Shawn, Leonard, Leshawna, Lindsay,Geoff, Izzy Mike and Zoey!" Chris announced, "damn that's a mouthful."
    "Hey Lindsay," Tyler waved.
    "Oh hi," said Lindsay.
    "I can't wait to redeem myself," Dawn smiled, "and take down Scott."
    "Damn, you're still bitter at me?" Scott rolled his eyes, "what, you gonna go goth or something?"
    "I might," Dawn smirked. Then she snapped her fingers and she was in a whole new outfit.
    "Damn, looking good," Gwen smiled, "if ya need some advice, let me know."
    "Thanks," said Dawn.
    "Well it's good to be back," said Zoey.
    "Rawr!" Ezekiel roared.
    "Hey y'all," Leshawna called.
    "Abracadabra!" Leonard chanted.
    "Leonard, you're not a wizard," Sky muttered, "enough already."
    "I will take over this show," Tophe rmuttered.
    "Hello everyone," said Jasmine, "good to compete with you all!"
    "BOOM!" Izzy chanted.
    "Hey dudes," said Geoff.
    "Alright, you're all glad to be back," said Chris.
    "I'm not!" Gwen cried.
    "Nobody cares Gwen," Chris muttered, Gwen scoffed, "anyway time to split you into teams! But first, time to bring in the newbies!"
    "Wait what?" Zoey gasped, "I wasn't told anything about newbies."
    "Wait, is this a massive version of veterans vs newbies?" Jasmine gasped, "I hope you managed to find 18 brave and stupid people to sign up."
    "Relax," Chris laughed, "I'm only bringing in six." Six people then walked up to the dock.
    "I'm Audry," said Audry, "I think..."
    "Hey, my name is Ben," Ben smiled.
    "Heyyyyyyyyy!" Alex cried, "I'm Alex, your worst nightmare!"
    "I'm Destiny," Destiny smiled.
    "Sup hoes, where's the weed?" Madison asked, "Queen Madi needs it!"
    "Hey," Sean waved, "my name is Sean and I hope to win."
    "Now you've all met up," said Chris, "here are your teams!"

    Derpy Eagles
    Silent Snakes

    Leshawna: "About time I was brought back to the show, I'm gonna win this season. This is my chance to shine!"
    Destiny: "Hi fans. I hope to make some friends here. LOL."
    Ezekiel: "Rawr!"
    Sean: "Zeke is still a zombie? Poor Zeke..."
    Leonard: "Second time is the charm!"
    Geoff: "I just noticed that nobody from the Ridonculous Race is in this cast... probably because Don was the host and not Chris..."
    Jasmine: "I feel confident that this is my season."
    Ben: "Hey guys, I'll try my best at this game."
    Lindsay: "Audry is such an idiot, OMG!"
    Tyler: "Glad I'm on the same season as Lindsay again, but damn I'm not on her team! I'm never on her team dammit!"
    Shawn: "Well I've gotten over my fear of the zombies, Jasmine's helped me lots."
    Mike: "Cool, I'm on Zoey's team again!"
    Izzy: "BOOM BOOM!"
    *End Confessional*

    Gwen, Lindsay, Geoff and Leshawna were in the cabin.
    "So we're the only Generation 1 veterans," said Gwen, "should we align?"
    "Gurl, that's a great idea," Leshawna nodded, "I support this."
    "Yea sure," Geoff smiled.
    "Okay," said Lindsay.
    "Well that's settled," Gwen smiled.

    Destiny, Sky, Sean and Justin were in the mess hall.
    "Hi guys," said Destiny.
    "Oh hey, what's up?" Sky asked.
    "Well I kinda want to get to know people," Destiny smiled, "to help my anxiety..."
    "Ah, welcome to Total Drama," said Justin, "where nobody gives a crap about your opini-"
    "JUSTIN!" Sky yelled, "no!"
    "Just being honest," Justin muttered, "nobody cares about anyone's opinion."
    "You're being really rude," said Sean, "you know that right?"
    "I'm sorry that I'm right," Justin muttered.

    Sean: "I hate Justin already..."
    Justin: "Well screw my team, they all stink. Why couldn't I have a decent team?"
    Destiny: "Day 1, not so well..."
    *End Confessional*

    Topher was on the dock. Leshawna walked up.
    "Sup," Leshawna nodded.
    "Oh hey," Topher said, turning around, "hi Leshawna."
    "So whatcha doing?" Leshawna asked.
    "Nothing really," Topher muttered, "just plotting Chris's murder-"
    "Wait what?" Leshawna gasped, her eyes going wide.
    "Ha, I'm kidding!"
    "Thank the lord!" Leshawna lifted her arms up and stretched them to the sky.

    Topher: "Leshawna seems pretty cool, maybe we could be friends."
    Leshawna: "Topher's got the looks of an angel and the attitude of the devil."
    Audry: "I'm with stupid. Wait a minute am I stupid?"
    *End Confessional*

    Jasmine and Dakota were in the woods.
    "Hello," Jasmine smiled.
    "Um who the hell are you?" Dakota asked.
    "I'm Jasmine," said Jasmine, "man this cast kind of sucks."
    "Oh?" Dakota asked, "well yea..."
    "This cast might be worse than the first Total Drama All-Stars."
    "LOL so true."

    Dakota: "I hate Jasmine, then I'm like 'who cares?' and bond with her. She's really cool."
    *End Confessional*

    Chris had the contestants on the cliff for their first challenge.
    "Your challenge is cliff diving!" Chris announced, "however you must jump to the land."
    "What?" everyone gasped.
    "Is that safe?" Destiny gasped.
    "Rawr!" Ezekiel roared.
    "Nope," Chris smiled, " Derpy Eagles, you're first!"

    Everyone on the Eagles jumped, Destiny, Dakota, Dawn and Topher didn't make it.
    Everyone on the Snakes jumped, Leonard, Zoey and Madison didn't make it.

    "Well with a score of 9-8, the Silent Snakes win the first challenge!" Chris announced.
    "Woo!" Madison cheered, "dank weed."
    "Alright!" Zoey cheered.
    "Oh come on," Dakota rolled her eyes, "how did we fail? Ugh!"
    "Probably because the team sucks?" Justin muttered. He got a bunch of dirty glares.

    Jasmine: "I know who I'm voting off."
    Justin: "Jasmine needs to go, she's like huge."
    Dakota: "Goodbye Dawn. I honestly don't like you."
    Topher: "This vote I need to be careful."
    Destiny: "Oh, I lost my first challenge. I hope I don't go home!"
    Leshawna: "Winning feels good!"
    Sean: "If Heather cared, she'd be disappointed in me..."
    Madison: "Yo pass us the coke." *Camera man gives her coca cola* "Ew, not that coke, the other one!"
    *End Confessional*

    *Elimination Ceremony*
    "Normally I'd do the dramatic marshmallow thing," Chris announced, "but I'll just get down to those who got the votes. Justin, Dawn and Jasmine all received votes! The votes were 10-1-1, damn. Safe with 1 vote is Dawn!"
    "Oh, phew," Dawn sighed. Everyone except Justin and Jasmine got marshmallows.
    "Justin, Jasmine," Chris announced, "by a vote of 10-1-1, the eliminated camper is..."
    "Justin!" Chris gave Jasmine the marshmallow.
    "Cool, golden," Jasmine smiled, observing the marshmallow.
    "Justin, you're the first eliminated," said Chris, "please go to the dock and hop on the cruise ship.
    "Sucks that I'm gone, but at least we get to leave in a nice way," Justin smiled, "a cruise ship. I'd have quit if I knew it was the elimination method!"
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    Episode 2.png
    Last time on Total Drama the Concluding Catastrophe:
    The 24 contestants were introduced for our biggest season ever. Generation 1 made an alliance. Friendships were made, so were rivalries. The Derpy Eagles lost the cliff diving challenge and sent Justin home for being salty. 23 remain. What will happen this time on Total Drama the Concluding Catastrophe? Find out now on the second episode.

    Alex and Dakota bumped into each other while walking.
    "Watch where you're going," Dakota scoffed, "pleb."
    "Um rude," Alex muttered, "you're kinda a cow TBH, Sam deserves better."
    "Don't talk about Sam that way!" Dakota yelled. She slapped Alex.
    "Ow!" Alex stormed off, Lindsay and Destiny walked up.
    "Just ignore him," said Lindsay, "he's mean."
    "Really?" Dakota muttered sarcastically.
    "I know what will cheer you up," Destiny smiled, "a makeover!"
    *10 Minutes Later*
    Dakota's hair was now short, she wore clothes that looked cool and weren't girly.
    "Thanks so much!" Dakota cried, "I look amazing."
    "Yea you do," said Lindsay, "can I have a makeover one day?"
    "Maybe," said Dakota.
    "Stunning, Dakota," Destiny smiled.

    Dakota: "Destiny and Lindsay are really cool, I should hang out with them more!"
    Izzy: "BOOM!"
    *End Confessional*

    Madison, Leonard and Izzy were in the cabin.
    "I will now make drugs disappear!" Leonard aimed a stick at Madison's drugs. Nothing happened.
    "No," said Madison, "just no. Leave my drugs alone bruh."
    "BOOM!" Izzy cried, "us oddballs should team up!"
    "Yea!" Madison gasped, "now give me back my weed." She snatched weed off Izzy.

    Leonard: "I don't like these girls, but it'll give my powers safety."
    Madison: "Izzy is weird, great minds think alike!"
    *End Confessional*

    Tyler, Lindsay, Mike, Zoey, Shawn and Jasmine sat on the dock together.
    "Cool," said Zoey, "we're all couples, one couple from each of the first three generations."
    "Yea, cool," said Mike.
    "Hi guys I'm happy," Lindsay smiled, "can we play truth or dare?"
    "I don't see why not," Mike smiled. Leshawna and Ben walked up.
    "Can we play?" Ben asked, "we overheard you."
    "Sure," said Jasmine, "Shawn, truth or dare?"
    "Dare," said Shawn.
    "I dare you to punch Leonard," said Jasmine.
    "Alrighty," Shawn smiled.
    *5 Minutes Later*
    "Back!" Shawn smiled, "alright, Mike truth or dare?"
    "Truth," Mike replied.
    "What is it you see in Zoey?" Shawn asked.
    "Well," Mike began, "she's loved me no matter what's happened to me. She's supported me and my issues, I love her for it and she's sweet."
    "Aw," Zoey smiled. She kissed Mike.
    "Lindsay, truth or dare?" Mike asked.
    "DARE!" Lindsay smiled.
    "I dare you to kiss Ezekiel," said Mike.
    "Oh hell naw!" Lindsay yelled. Feral Ezekiel then walked up, his zombie form.
    "Gross," Leshawna gasped, "kill it with fire!"
    "Gah!" Ezekiel roared. He ran off.
    "Okay let's not do this again," Tyler suggested.

    Tyler: "These people are cool but man that was a weird game."
    Zoey: "Mike is so sweet."
    Jasmine: "Well that escalated quickly."
    *End Confessional*

    Izzy, Leonard, Shawn, Ezekiel and Audry were in a cave.
    "So we're gonna turn Ezekiel into a human again?" Shawn asked, "how?"
    "We must brew a potion!" Leonard announced, "we need the hair of an Asian, the tooth of a shark and some tree bark! Izzy you get the hair, Shawn the tooth and Audry the tree bark!" The three of them ran off.

    Sky was in the cabin, Izzy charged in with scissors and chopped some hair.
    "What," Sky muttered, "just... what?"
    Audry ran up to a big willow tree and bit it.
    "Ew," Audry muttered. She spat the tree bark out then picked it up.
    Shawn found Fang, Scott's worst enemy, and punched him for a tooth.

    The three of them came back.
    "Now we must simmer the potion!" Leonard announced as they put the ingredients in. The potion began to bubble.
    "How are we going to get him to drink it?" Audry asked.
    "Dunk him in?" Izzy suggested.
    "Yea," said Shawn, "let's dunk him in!" Shawn and Izzy picked up Ezekiel and put his face in the cauldron.
    "BLAH!" Ezekiel roared, he then began to choke.

    Leonard: "It worked!"
    Sky: "What was Izzy up to?"
    Ezekiel: "Eh, I'm back! Oh my..."
    Tyler: "So I see normal Ezekiel walking around, how did that happen?"
    Audry: "He's kinda cute."
    *End Confessional*

    Chris had the contestants outside for their challenge.
    "Your challenge is based off of World Tour!" Chris announced.
    "Please, no singing..." Gwen groaned.
    "Singing sounds lovely," Dawn smiled.
    "Yes, no singing," Chris rolled his eyes, "this challenge you must collect an egg of your team mascot! The Derpy Eagles must get an Eagle egg and the Silent Snakes must get a snake egg!"
    "Wait, snakes lay eggs?" Gwen muttered, "I didn't know that was possible..."
    "Well it's not," said Chris, "which is why the Silent Snakes must find an Eagle egg as well. First team to give an Eagle their baby egg wins the challenge!"

    The Derpy Eagles all stood on the beach.
    "Alright, so how are we going to find an egg?" Tyler asked.
    "By looking?" Jasmine muttered.
    "Why don't we split into two groups," said Ezekiel, "wouldn't the eggs be in the woods? The girls could climb up the trees and the guys could look on the land."
    "That's a great idea," said Tyler.
    "Yea," Sky nodded, "let's go!"
    "Hey," said Geoff to his team, "let's follow them!"

    Eventually everyone was in the woods.
    "What the heck?" Destiny cried, "you guys are copying us!"
    "Not copying," Alex smirked, "just following..."
    "So basically copying?" Destiny muttered.
    "Ugh," Shawn muttered.
    "I FOUND AN EGG!" Lindsay and Audry both cried.
    "NO I FOUND IT!" Audry snatched the egg.
    "NO!" Lindsay cried, snatching the egg, "I DID!"
    "NO!" Audry snatched the egg, eventually the two girls kept trying to steal the egg. Everyone then heard a screech from the sky.
    "Oh..." Jasmine gasped.
    "" Dawn gasped.
    "...smurf..." Destiny muttered. An Eagle flew up to everyone with a smurf on its back.
    "What, a smurf?" Ezekiel gasped, "man this is cool!" He walked up to the Eagle, wanting to pat the smurf. It bit him.
    "Ow!" Ezekiel cried.
    "Lindsay, chuck it the egg!" Leshawna cried.
    "What, okay!" Lindsay cheered, snatching the egg from Audry and throwing it to the Eagle, which caught it.
    "Ironically the Eagles lost!" Chris announced, "again..."

    Jasmine: "Darn, we lost again. I think the vote is obvious between two people."
    Audry: "Ezekiel is so cute, it'd be a shame if he left! I know what I'll do! I'll tell everyone to vote me off instead of him!"
    Ezekiel: "So we lost, not surprised. I always muck things up, thank god it wasn't my fault. People still might vote me."
    Geoff: "Yea, we won again!"
    Alex: "Of course we won."
    Dakota: "Ugh, Ezekiel you're dead. You're a bad luck charm."
    Madison: "Smoke weed everyday."
    *End Confessional*

    *Elimination Ceremony*
    "The Snakes have all the oddballs of the season," Chris laughed, "I thought they'd be losing. Anyway the marshmallows go to everyone except Audry, Ezekiel and Dakota!"
    "Huh?" Dakota jumped out of her seat, shocked.
    "The votes were 4-4-3!" Chris announced, "safe with 3 votes is Dakota, Audry and Ezekiel tied."
    "I quit," said Audry.
    "What?" everyone exclaimed.
    "Zeke, I love you," Audry whispered.
    "Aw, how sweet," Sky smiled.
    "I ship it," said Destiny.
    "Well, I guess this is flattering," Ezekiel smiled, "but-"
    "We went to school together, before you got home-schooled," said Audry, "Zeke, I fell in love with you the day I lay my eyes on you. Please, will you be my boyfriend?"
    "Aw," the girls coo'd.
    "This is sweet and all," Ezekiel smiled, "but wait, we went to school together?" Audry's face fell.
    "HA, classic!" Topher fell on the ground and laughed.
    "This isn't funny," said Dawn.
    "Well, I gotta go on the boat," Audry frowned, "goodbye."
    "Audry, any last words?" Chris asked, "before you're officially eliminated?"
    "I hope Ezekiel or Leonard win," said Audry.
    "That dumb person who wants the flops to win..." Scott muttered.
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    Episode 3.png
    On the last episode of Total Drama...
    Some contestants played truth or dare. Leonard, Audry, Shawn and Izzy healed Ezekiel and made him human again. Lindsay and Destiny gave Dakota a makeover. Alex and Dakota had an argument as well. The contestants had to give an eagle egg to an eagle, ironically the eagles lost. Audry quit to save Ezekiel, who didn't like her back. What challenge is in stock? Find out on this episode of Total Drama the Concluding Catastrophe!

    Zoey: "It's shocking how we keep winning, but our team is full of flops."
    Mike: "Spending time with Zoey has been great here in all honesty."
    Madison: "People at the beach. Maybe I can get more drugs..."
    *End Confessional*

    Mike, Zoey, Shawn, Geoff, Izzy, Dawn, Ezekiel and Madison were on the beach.
    "Yo, anyone got drugs?" Madison asked, "I need some."
    "No," said Dawn, "I don't have any."
    "*Bleep* why you lying?" Madison asked.
    "I'm not," said Dawn.
    "Madison, stop it," Zoey yelled, "you're annoying us." Everyone else was swimming in the water.
    "Ah, something bit me!" Ezekiel cried.
    "He-he!" Izzy smiled, popping up from the water next to Ezekiel.
    "Izzy, are those my trunks?" Ezekiel gasped, a pair of trunks floated up.
    "Maybe," Izzy laughed.

    Shawn: "Izzy is cool, but we need her out ASAP."
    Jasmine, "It's annoying that we keep losing, maybe it's best, maybe our luck will change!"
    Lindsay: "Destiny and I were good friends yesterday but she thinks her boobs are perkier."
    *End Confessional*

    Lindsay, Tyler and Destiny stood on the dock.
    "Tyler, whose boobs are more perkier?" Lindsay asked, "and no we aren't uncovering them..."
    "Is this necessary?" Destiny laughed, "I'm sure Tyler's got better stuff to do..."
    "Actually I don't," Tyler muttered, "and to be honest, Destiny's are perkier."
    "WHAT?" Lindsay yelled, "we're breaking up, right after you explain why!"
    "Can I explain why later?" Tyler asked, trying to find a loophole.
    "NO!" Lindsay yelled, "ARE MY BOOBS TOO BIG FOR YOU?" A few contestants turned their heads to Lindsay.
    "Holy shrinky dink shit..." Chris gasped.
    "Chris you forgot to censor that word!" Sky gasped.
    "Oh *Bleep*!" Chris yelled.

    Chris: "I hate my job."
    Destiny: "Shrinky dink *Bleep*? Creative."
    Tyler: "Damn, this show is getting really messed up. Especially since Lindsay broke up with me."
    *End Confessional*

    Jasmine and Sean were in the cabin.
    "Hey can I tell you something?" Sean asked.
    "Sure," said Jasmine, "what is it?"
    "You know Heather from Season 1? Well I'm her brother," Sean admitted.
    "Oh, that's interesting," Jasmine sighed, "I bet you're villainous too?"
    "Nah, I'm gonna play fair."

    Jasmine: "I kinda see him as a threat now."
    Sean: "It feels good that I told someone."
    Dakota: "These basic *Bleeps* think they're going to win, well I'm gonna win. That's right, I'm this season's main antagonist."
    Alex: "Dakota thinks she's an antagonist. She's a flop of one TBH."
    *End Confessional*

    Chris had the contestants on the dock for their challenge.
    "Your challenge is a boat race around the island!" Chris announced, "the first team to make it back wins!"
    Both teams got on their boats.
    "I'll drive," Jasmine volunteered for her team.
    "I'll drive," Madison volunteered.
    "Can someone else drive?" Alex asked rudely, "I don't fancy dying."
    "I will!" Izzy cheered.
    "Never mind, just drive Madison," said Alex.
    "Woo!" Madison cheered. Both boats then began to speed forwards. After a while, both boats broke down.
    "Oh come on!" Madison and Jasmine cried.
    "Ugh, this is hopeless," Jasmine muttered, "it won't go!"
    "Bang on the engine," Dakota suggested. Jasmine did so, but her foot went right through it.
    "Crap," Ezekiel muttered, "eh." Madison eventually got her team's boat working, the Silent Snakes cheered as they crossed the finish line.
    "And the Silent Snakes win part 1!" Chris announced.
    "Wait, part 1?" everyone cried.
    "Yep, part 2 is to get the contestant with the biggest boobs-" Chris began.
    "WHAT THE *BLEEP*!" everyone yelled.
    "Kidding!" Chris laughed, "your challenge is a Sandcastle contest! The Silent Snakes win shovels and buckets as their reward."
    "Woo!" the Silent Snakes cheered.

    *2 Hours Later*
    "Both sandcastles are horrible," Chris cringed, "but the better castle was the Silent Snakes!"
    "Woo!" the Snakes cheered.

    Jasmine: "Wow, Tyler didn't even help!"
    Tyler: "I wanted to help, but I was too upset over Lindsay. If I go home, so be it."
    Gwen: "Woo, we won again."
    Leshawna: "Damn, I need to be more relevant."
    Leonard: "My magic really helped!"
    Madison: "I may be on drugs, but I know Leonard's magic doesn't exist."
    *End Confessional*

    *Elimination Ceremony*
    "The marshmallows do not go to Tyler and Scott!" Chris announced, giving everyone their marshmallows.
    "Hey, why am I up?" Scott cried.
    "By a vote of 9-1, Tyler you've been voted off!" Chris announced.
    "Eh, it was kind of expected," Tyler muttered, "I'm really upset, this is the worst day of my life. I lost the girl I loved.
    "She forgot your name half of the time, if it makes things better," said Topher, Tyler scowled at him.
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    Fuck it, here's the elimination order. Elimination Order.png 24. Justin
    23. Audry
    22. Tyler
    21. Dakota
    20. Gwen
    19. Leonard
    18. Ezekiel
    17. Izzy
    16. Sean
    15. Dawn
    14. Madison
    13. Mike
    12. Jasmine
    11. Lindsay
    10. Alex
    9. Ben
    8. Topher
    7. Scott
    6. Shawn
    5. Zoey
    4. Geoff
    3. Sky
    2. Leshawna
    1. Destiny
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