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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by FoxLock, Jan 2, 2017.


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  1. FoxLock

    FoxLock Void-Bound Voyager

    Let me immediately assess what you must be thinking.

    First - yes, this thread is centered around skills unlocked after a certain amount of progress (whether it be the Community Center completion, Max Skills, doing the Wizard's quests).

    Second - yes, that is a pun in the title. Let me explain.

    The idea of extra skills is hardly a new idea, but everything is pretty much covered for a game like this. We've got farming, foraging, mining, fishing, and combat as a bit of spice. In a farm simulator, that even goes a bit beyond the description.

    But Stardew Valley is a lot more than a farm simulator. It's got magic, lore, item-collecting, and some dubious bits of science thrown on top. So there's a lot to expand on.

    The first new skill I propose is the Science! skill (exclamation mark included). Joja Corp. is doing a terrible job at being the half in this battle of country v. modern that claims the modern side. They pollute, aggressively enclose on local business, and take up a lot of space, but when it comes to being more advanced than the country hicks, they're...meh.

    So what better way than for the modest farmer to show them how it's done? Build contraptions, fiddle with electricity, and just to really slap them right in their corporate faces, do it in an ecologically friendly way.

    I don't know how it would really fit in, or how it would work, but it's an idea.

    The second idea is a Magic skill. The wizard can't be the only guy 'round here with magical talents. Well, there's the witch, but it's still missing the most important part: us.

    Maybe adding this skill would end up making it a little more difficult to build the magic buildings supplied by the Wizard, but it would add a bit of a personal touch to adding buildings.

    To summarize this thread (and the pun), the drive behind this would be the ExtEndgame: to extend the endgame.

    Let me know what you think!
    • Surenu

      Surenu The End of Time

      I really like the idea of a science!-skill. Updated processing machines such as powered cheese presses or automatic furnaces come to mind. For electricity, we could go with several tiers: 1st tier is a simple coal generator which needs coal each day and possible has an adverse effect on crops and animals near it. Second tier could be a wind turbine that only produces on windy/stormy days. Requires no input but is highly unpredictable, so you'd still need some coal generators. Third tier could be solar panels, made from iridium. They only produce when the sun is out. Fourth tier could be some magically scientific stuff such as a Prism-Resonance-Generator that requires a bunch of prismatic shards to craft but always produces, period.

      Other things that come to mind are craftable ranged weapons (simple breechloader > hunting rifle > automatic rifle > ray gun), robots that do work in an assigned area but consume electricity depending on the number of tasks (perhaps get the blueprints from Maru?), genetically engineered quick-growing crops to combine the effect of speed-gro with another fertilizer, coal-liquefecation to produce advanced fuels (the country is at war, so I imagine petrol to be quite valuable, could also be used in a generator as a more efficient fuel) and so on. Skill progession could be tied to using these machines, though the first skill level has to come from somewhere. I think the lightning rod could be a good source for initial skill points.
      • Scritchowl

        Scritchowl Big Damn Hero

        Genetically modiefied slimes. Make were slimes could produce certain products like jelly, stone, honey, and algae.

        Also maybe a barn that requires bug meat to keep the animals happy.
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