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Too many secret rooms?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by SnarkyCrow, May 8, 2016.

  1. SnarkyCrow

    SnarkyCrow Intergalactic Tourist

    Alright so once I got the axe I just started to swing everywhere and found a secret room... Sweet! Except that whenever there's a wall of trees, it's always garanteed a secret room would appear.
    I like finding secrets and such, but not when said secrets are easily found in bunches. Perhaps tone down the generation for secret rooms, make them scarce and such! Also, having a bunch of hearts be one of the rewards for a secret room is a bit, eh, maybe if it was some fairy that rarely generates that inhabited the place it would seem more of a fulfilling spot than a gaggle of hearts that won't stick around for long.

    On one last note, are the trees supposed to become glitchy once you find the room on that side? It seems like a cool affect, but I think a small area around the enterence should become glitched instead o:

    Sorry if this all sounds rude, just my two cents on the matter. I have some more suggestions I want to give out, but I'll do that once I finish the game to know what to suggest!
    • tccoxon

      tccoxon Procedurally Generated Programmer

      Good points regarding the number of secret rooms. I initially set the rate high because I wasn't sure how often the right circumstances for a secret room to generate were, but you're right that they're too common. There are currently way too many secret rooms in caves too. I'll do a pass over the frequencies of secret rooms, and add a bunch more variants to it too!
      • SnarkyCrow

        SnarkyCrow Intergalactic Tourist

        Thanks for looking into this! Also I noticed that caves could have entrances leading to more caves, now thats the real inception of this game! The same applies to dungeons, sometimes they have cave entrances too, which I'm not too sure is supposed to happen? But yeah, on one last note, it seems the purple bats always leave behind hearts when defeated, every other enemy leaves something random behind instead of 99% hearts.

        Thanks for listening!
        • King Kitteh

          King Kitteh Starship Captain

          Pretty sure the bats always dropping hearts is intentional. The bat pet becomes your friend by drinking your blood. Thus I assume the regular bats drink blood, and in video game logic blood = heart!

          Even if it's not intentional, I like the mechanic. When low on health I'll try and avoid enemies, but I will go after a bat knowing it can heal me. Mmm, delicious bat heart!

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