Toggleable Flashlights and Ship Selector for Character Creation Screen.

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    I would love to see flashlights toggleable. While it might make sense that we would need flashlights on most of the time. Starbound would be more immersive if it had flashlights that were toggleable.

    Also, was thinking it would be great to have a ship selector on the character creation screen because of all those ship mods. We don't always want to replace or vanilla ships. Having options is always great. Plus this could be used to give other races like the Hylotl another ship to choose from. For example, this could allow the old Hylotl ship to make a comeback. Plus, you could do a revision of the old Hylotl ship to be a mesh of the new and old version of the Hylotl ship.

    Also, with having a Ship Selector I'd love to see more vanilla ships for the races. I think having a ship selector would encourage people to make ship mods more. In-turn giving us more ships to choose from. Plus, we could have Protectorate ships for all the races seeing as how there was the protectorate at the beginning of the game. You'd think the Protectorate would come up with a standardized ship. I think taking a page out of FTL's book wouldn't be a bad idea. Plus, I promise it's going to be big. Wouldn't want Starbound to miss a big feature that could help sell copies of a game like hotcakes.

    Also, mods have shown us what Starbound is capable of, when the right minds are put on the job. However, this is true of any game. Mods have provided us with creativity and some rule 34 stuff that we probably wish we could forget about. Either way, mods have become the norm in the gaming community for better or worse. However, I will say it has mostly been for the better and weird. Some mods have even lead to full-blown games like Among Us. Gmod was a mod and now it's a game on Steam and has lead to the creation of Among Us. Long War is a mod and the creators of the Long War mod have started work on making their own turn-based alien invasion tactical strategy game.

    Also, why is there no ship to ship combat in Starbound? It feels like it something Starbound should have being that there are pirates in space too. There is a lot of potential here that might be wasted. It doesn't even have to be the main focus of the game. It could just be "fluff" to help give Starbound a more immersive feel to it. Also, would love to see ship trade ships that you can trade with, much like the traders you find on planets. You could even have pirates posing as traders that attack you. For example, they could request to board your ship and there is a % chance that they could be a pirate posing as a trader.

    Here is something that I could take or leave. Full 3D Starbound. If they did this in the next Starbound it'd be like they pulled a Duke Nukem, because Duke Nukem started out as 2D or 2.5D (however you want to look at it). Anyways, just because a game is 2D/2.5D doesn't mean it's a bad game. 2D games can still be fun. Take Mario for example. 2D Mario games are still being played by people today. Anyways, I'm sure I could go on for days about what could be added or improved about this game or games in general.

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