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    Hey-o! Long time lurker here, but first time posting something. I had some ideas I wanted to share.

    Tiny Pets

    I'm not talking about cats and dogs here. I'm talking about small pets like hamsters, fancy mice, goldfish, geckos, turtles, parrots and more. After all, Abigail has a pet guinea pig and Emily has that parrot (sure, she's nursing it back to health, but it's still there!), so why can't you have something small like that too?

    Tiny pets would be like interactive furniture. They would make various noises, or do certain actions when touched. You wouldn't need to feed them, they'd just be there, looking all cute/pretty/cool and making your home feel a bit... homier. Maybe they could have a small purpose. Perhaps having one while married would make your spouse a bit happier. Who knows!?

    Options of obtaining tiny pets would be either to buy them at Pierre's, Sandy's, or maybe some other new place entirely. Or, perhaps you could find or catch some on your own. Wouldn't you love to have a wild butterfly or frog? I bet some of you would.


    I faintly recall the Livin' Off the Land guy talking about something like, "Remember to write things down in your farmer's journal, so you don't forget anything." However, you can't do that in the game, can you? Wouldn't it be so helpful if you could? If only you had a diary, or something like that. Perhaps the option could be given to Robin to sell a diary/journal to you. Once you obtain one, you can put it on a table and interacting with it will bring up a blank spot where you can freely type whatever you like. It would be so helpful for forgetful people, like me, to remember what all we need to do for the day.

    Male Versions of Farm Animals + Additional Drops

    This is basically my version of what Amyhistoria and Saibara were talking about here: http://community.playstarbound.com/...ssociated-with-balanced-farming-perks.126664/ and here: http://community.playstarbound.com/...ms-billy-goats-and-bulls.125780/#post-3045005

    Basically, having a male version for each farm animal would make females happier and gain friendship with you faster, plus they would allow females to become pregnant without the use of artificial insemination (which is how I'm picturing female cows and such become magically pregnant in the current version of this game). Males would also drop various meat products that you can cook or sell. After all, if rabbits can drop whole feet, why can't a male animal drop some food product for you? This would still net you some new animal product and avoid butchering, if you're squeamish about doing that.

    So, the animal product drops would work like this:

    • Roosters (male chickens) drop Chicken Wings (instead of eggs) and Drumsticks (instead of large eggs).
    • Drakes (male ducks) drop Duck Breasts (instead of eggs). They'll still drop feathers like their female counterparts.
    • BOTH male and female rabbits still drop wool and feet, but having a male around will give both a chance to drop rabbit meat. (Don't ask me how it works. It's a video game!).
    • Bulls (male cows) drop Hamburger Patties (instead of milk) and Steaks (instead of large milk).
    • Billy Goats drop Chevon (instead of G milk) and Curved Horns (instead of large G milk).
    • BOTH rams and female sheep can be sheered for wool, but having a male around will give both a chance to drop Mutton as well.
    • BOTH hogs and sows can search for truffles, but both can drop Bacon on occasion. Sows also have a chance to drop pork chops, while the hogs have a chance at dropping ham instead, which is worth more.

    Pet and Farm Animal Color Variants

    This one's a bit more minor, but since cows and chickens can come in various colors, why not the other animals too? Like, when you obtain a dog or cat for the first time, you'll either get one in a random color, or perhaps you can choose the color you want before you start the game. Same goes for the horse, since real world horses come in a variety of colors. Ducks, sheep, rabbits and pigs do as well, so why not random colors for all of those? Maybe the cows and chickens could even come in MORE colors besides white and brown (or blue, in certain chicken cases). Variety is the spice of life, don't you know?

    That's all for now!
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    • TimeLord97

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      Rabbits already have males and females implemented in the game and the only reason I know is because I'd give one a masculine name and it would be a she or a feminine name and it would be a he so I have several rabbits with names that don't match their gender :rofl:. (Marnie says "I'll bring he/she to his/her new home" AFTER the naming lol)

      Other than that, I love all of these suggestions! Especially the colour variants, I use many mods to replace my cat, my dog, my horse and my rabbits to something other than the default and to be able to do this in vanilla would be awesome. :)
      • Powerwing Amber

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        I did not know that about the rabbits. That's probably some dialog I skimmed over and I assumed all the animals were female. :rofl:

        Thank you! ^^ I love a lot of the recolor mods, (I have a black cat and dark pegasus from a few of them) but it would be nice to see a vanilla game with a few of colors as well.:3

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