RELEASED Timid's Home. {Brick & Spruce} [10/15/2016]

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Timidx3, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. taintedwheat

    taintedwheat Master Astronaut

    Awwwwwwe. These are really pretty. <3
    • Timidx3

      Timidx3 Big Damn Hero

      I've been thinking about this aswell. I had always
      planned on editing the barn/coop/silo buildings,
      but I never put much thought into a palette I'd use.
      I'm unsure if I'd make them brick aswell.. or just
      leave them wooden. I think I would forsure change
      the doors though, as I reallyyy do love this rounded
      wooden one.

      Suggestions, please! Let me know what you want to
      see, or what you think would look nice! c:

      YOU! See, I knew that in my haste at 8am to atleast
      have something to show for the tier 3 house, that
      I had missed something. I was iffy about even the
      look of the chair in the first place, so I wasn't too
      attached to it.

      Here it is without the chair. c:

      • raenevigil

        raenevigil Phantasmal Quasar

        I'm in love! <3 All three are just stunning. Amazing work, Timid. You're a fantastic pixel artist. ^_^
        • taintedwheat

          taintedwheat Master Astronaut

          I think youre on the right track with the palette for sure! A cool idea would to have ivy wrap around the post by the wood.

          Maybe another scheme sould be a light slate color, rustic red or light color brick.
          • Meevers

            Meevers Scruffy Nerf-Herder

            I'd maybe keep the silo's brickwork in-keeping with your house brickwork (and maybe make it smaller, personal preference). But I think the barn/coop/stable would definitely look nice wooden (in the same colour wood used in your house maybe?) with the green roofing to match. And maybe change the windows and the doors to also match the house. You could even add extra decoration to them if you like (like with your flower basket) such as ivy and plants or even something more barn/coop related. it's really up to you, you have creative freedom. :)
            • Timidx3

              Timidx3 Big Damn Hero

              Hello everyone! I feel like I can finally
              say I am ready to release my home. c:
              There is a version available with the deck chair,
              and one without. I was originally going to just
              scrap the idea, but my lovely significant other
              pointed out that I did move the deck railing over,
              so maybeee it won't look as awkward as originally
              thought. You're welcome to test it out yourselves
              and let me know o:

              Click here to download the version with the chair!
              Click here to download the version without the chair!

              I've also updated the main post, along with the images so it's all up to date
              {except the spoiler.. those are still old..}

              yay! c:
              • raenevigil

                raenevigil Phantasmal Quasar

                Ahem, *coughs* SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *falls over, flailing at the download link* Thank you so much!
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                • raenevigil

                  raenevigil Phantasmal Quasar

                • Timidx3

                  Timidx3 Big Damn Hero

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                • Timidx3

                  Timidx3 Big Damn Hero

                  Finally loaded up the game myself,
                  and this is what the tier 3 house with
                  chair looks like with someone standing
                  there on the deck. c:


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                  • Meevers

                    Meevers Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                    Ahh personally I love the chair there. It makes it look even cuter and I feel like it brings the whole design together. Looks fine with the spouse standing by it too. :)

                    Also where did you get that hair because it is so darn cute..
                    • Timidx3

                      Timidx3 Big Damn Hero

                      I found a thread a bit ago, Located hereeee.
                      and a lovely person, @MessiasMummo,
                      posted a dl for Leah's hair.

                      The one I'm using is a modified version of it,
                      since I wasn't a huge fan of the bangs sticking
                      up. If you'd like it, let me know, and I can
                      upload it. o:

                      Although, be warned, like the original post
                      says, it replaces the 2 hairs mentioned, and
                      I'm far too lazy to go through and edit the
                      original ones back in, and move these to a
                      new row. Lazy, and not savvyy enough. lol
                      • jedikitty

                        jedikitty Aquatic Astronaut

                        I'm a little confused - how do I install this ? It seems to have a unique filename. Should I rename it to "houses" and replace houses.xnb, or ?
                        Thanks for any help, can't wait to use this beautiful house in my game. :D
                        • Timidx3

                          Timidx3 Big Damn Hero

                          Oh yes! Sorry about that, I forgot
                          to write instructions! >.<

                          Yesss, you need to name it to
                          houses.xnb and replace the

                          I'm glad you like it! c:

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                          • Crucio

                            Crucio Void-Bound Voyager

                            I got this as soon as it was released, beautiful work <3
                            • Zelnite

                              Zelnite Big Damn Hero

                              this is awsome, i hope you release more colors and a matching stable too :)
                                Last edited: Mar 22, 2016
                              • Timidx3

                                Timidx3 Big Damn Hero

                                I do plan on it for sure! atm I'm super busy
                                with college projects as the end of the
                                semester is nearing so progress is slow..
                                BUT SOON! c:
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                                • Flother

                                  Flother Big Damn Hero

                                  A balcony would be awesome :up: also if possible all the different colors, I like the design, though not the color.
                                  • raenevigil

                                    raenevigil Phantasmal Quasar

                                    Hope your projects are going well! Popped in to say I look forward to maybe seeing matching farm buildings this summer :D Good luck with finals!
                                    • Timidx3

                                      Timidx3 Big Damn Hero

                                      Hey everyone, just wanted to let you guys know I've updated the original post, finally, adding a matching stable. Along with that I've included a broken greenhouse, made by the lovely @Maleha , along with a modified version of it for the repaired greenhouse. Hope you're all enjoying the game! c:
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