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    Hey Everyone! A while ago I requested a map edit, and was never really completely satisfied, and so I took the time to learn how to edit the map files myself, and created something I'm much happier with and enjoy playing. I'm not sure if anyone is interested, but I figured I'd share, cause why the heck not!

    Here is a screenshot of the map and how it looks in-game on day one. (minus the house edits of course)

    Please note that in order to get the ores to spawn in the new mining area, you need to use @Nishtra 's mod Mining at the Farm, which you can find here.

    Once you have all the files you need, you just need to change your mining at the farm config to match below, so that the ores spawn in the new specified area.
    "areasToInclude": [
    Hope you enjoy!

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