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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by CrazyMeup, Jul 11, 2018.

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    Hi All,

    I have been really enjoying the multiplayer beta so much lately but I really feel like the days are going so so fast! In the single player version time stops whenever you're in chest, looking in Inventory or other events.

    At the moment my friends who are new to the game have said they don't want to even waste time with the cut-scenes because it takes so much of their time up. Also early days of going to the mine seem to be really hard by only getting maybe 5 floors a day (new friend was playing) while I could easily get to floor 15-20 a day (with food of course). Its very disheartening that my friends aren't getting to watch some of these cut scene because I love the way this games plays and makes you feel, but I feel like they're having to miss out due to the big disadvantage they will face

    I have played a few days without the other two players and the game is much more relaxed and spaced out. While I feel a little rushed with picking my plants and/or watering them. Seeing if anything grew in the greenhouse, checking/renewing sheds for jam and wine, checking/renewing in my wine, checking the animals and maybe getting to the secret woods for some sweet hardwood. Even after all this on Single play I get to about 2-3pm while in multiplayer i find myself at around 9pm and I haven't even been able to talk to anyone or do anything extra, maybe organise a few things or the smallest amount of fishing is all I have time for.

    Also We have to wait till the day ends to have a little break because we can't all pause the game? could we get like a pause from the host or something please :)

    Thank you for all your time and sorry for the mass text and possible bad grammar
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      The host can type in "/pause" and the game for everyone will be paused. I also just posted a suggestion here. I hope the final game will at least trigger the pause automatically if no player is moving

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