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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by FullBitGamer, Oct 7, 2017.

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    I have enjoyed Stardew Valley on PC since shortly after release. I bought the Switch version day 1 because Stardew on the go sounded great to me.

    I am having one major issue.
    I have grown so used to playing with a modded timescale that I am absolutely loathing the game on Switch. I changed the pc version to be 30 seconds irl = 10 in game minutes. The pace allowed me to to take more time to plan my days, talk to people etc. I would really be grateful if Chuckle fish could work a time scaling option into the game for the ports. Just a slider, or a few basic options like
    Short (normal 7s)
    Medium (longer 12s)
    Long (Very long 20s)"

    I understand they said 7 seconds is equal to 50 hours of play for a 2 year cycle or something along those lines. But being a completely single player experience I personally feel like having a choice would go a long way.

    Maybe I am alone in this, but one of the main reasons I hated Majora's Mask and games like it was time contraints. Rarely if a game's time frame is a major limiting factor do I end up enjoying it, let alone putting any significant playtime into it before getting fed up and not touching it again.

    I hope Chucklefish sees this and at least considers it for more than half a second. It wouldn't really be hard to implement as modern have already done it. But I think it would be a fair compromise seeing as they have already changed the timescale once from 5 to 7 seconds.
    • Icewinde

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      Personally I like the time restrictions tbf, it makes you plan and think carefully what you do with the time you have.
      For that reason i will never use a mod that makes the days longer.
      But i also agree that for a single player game people who don't like it should be able to get a longer day.
      Since its time restriction that makes the game harder/easyer maybe add difficultielevels that way.
      Long days, difficulty level novice
      Medium days difficulty level master
      Short days difficulty level veteran

      Or something like that
      • LuthienNightwolf

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        I completely agree there should be a slider somewhere within the game to choose how fast you'd like the day to go. Being rushed isn't fun for some, and you can still set plenty of challenges within the game aside from having to hurry. I put Timespeed on my game and like you, run my ticks at 30 seconds. Its nice to be able to slow down and actually take in the scenery, enjoy the music, or just stand around and plan your farm.
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          Again like I said, in a single player game the more options the better. It really impacts nobody else impacts any way so why not?
          I get that maybe the Dev feel the time flow is an essential part of the experience but a lot of players who would pay may not. Accessibility breeds sales.

          I just remembered that I even set time the pause when indoors simply because I felt it effected my enjoyment in a positive manner. More time to dungeon dive, organize my house and sort chests, etc. Without wasting "play time" farming.

          I understand people enjoy the planning aspect but I personally hate waking up and rushing out to water crops, talk to people, etc. I get enough running around IRL, I get enough hurried "objectives" in my everyday life. In games I want to have fun, relax, ya know?
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            Same here. I love this game, but at the PS4 I can not enjoy the whole atmosphere as I'm just running. Making gifts to the villagers is hardly possible. Not to think about their birthdays.

            It is so lovingly animated, but the time limit makes it no longer noticeable. What a pity.

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